• being ill and told that I might not make it through the night.
  • Deaths - I still can't seem to deal with them easily - you would think after so many I would have it down to a science but Nope - Still tears and sad days and night.
  • On a personal level, being told I had cancer. On a general level, having to hold a 19 year old kid and watch him die because help was too far away, I was 23 at the time.
  • My illness.
  • the death of my baby boy'
  • I've had the deal with a divorce, 2 deaths, 3 stays at a mental hospital. All within 2 years. Oh yea and the loss of my son who I haven't seen since 2000.
  • Reality. The bad stuff in life
  • My mothers death
  • Bringing my children up and training them in the way of God so that they would walk the path of righteousness and to love their God with all their heart, with all their strength and with all their soul. To provide them with best education that my wife and I could afford. All these things were really hard but we went through them by the grace of God.
  • My ex leaving me being pregnant 6 months old and my 2 year old for a woman he met in one day is so hard sometimes I'm still in denial
  • My divorce, I'm going through it now. I never thought we'd get a divorce!
  • losing my partner and children to an abusive person, i cannot do a thing to stop it, tears me apart totally
  • the separation of someone who had been very close to my heart.. though its been 4 and a half years now but i am not being able to overcome that trauma till now..
  • .......
  • My husbands illnesses
  • An unfortunate comment my gandfather made to me when I left the USA to move to Spain. He told me that he was very happy for me, but the only thing he regretted of my leaving was that he was there when I was born, and I wouldn't be there when he died. I didn't make it in time to say goodbye, and I don't think I will ever be able to forgive myself for that. His words will sting forever in my heart... :(
  • The hardest thing would me life.. My parents divorced when I was young, got passed to and from parents, never had a warm christmas with a happy family. Mum met a man who she has married now that decides the only way to deal with life is to be abusive, but what can you do? She "loves" him and chooses him over me all the time. I turned 16 worked hard to get a job, rent a house and now I'm lucky to have my own house! it was worth the pain and I hope I've proved to everyone that it is possible! I think that things that happen against us in life make us stronger people! As soon as you overcome the sadness, theres a whole new feeling of being strong!!
  • The death of my dad, a year ago. He was my best friend.
  • The lost of a LOVE one.
  • The death of my brother in a drive by shooting
  • Ooops sorry, clicked on the wrong respone
  • It would have to be between watching my friends and more of my brothers get on the plane because they're being deployed to Iraq. I've lost 2 brothers there already and currently 4 of my brothers, 3 of my cousins, 6 of my childhood friends, my cousin's fiancee, my boyfriend, and my uncle are over there, and more are going back soon. The other thing would be walking home with my friend to get to his mother (who was in labor) and have to watch him get run over by a drunk driver and not be able to do anything about it.
  • I thought it was hard when I had to make the choice to have life support turned off on my mom, even though I knew it was the right choice being a nurse at one time in my life, it was so hard, she was only 64, then 5 yrs later a man a loved like a grandfather I again had to help make that same choice with my father and stood by his side holding his hand, as he breathed his last and I cried all the while again knowing it was for the best but this Jan I know in my heart my father's suicide has to be the hardest thing I have ever went though, he was 70 and my best friend, the person who was always there for me and I miss him so much.
  • Being unable to protect children from their own selfish irresponsible uncaring neglectful parents.
  • unemployment, noone will hire me and im always stuck living on no income
  • having parents die

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