• Sitting at home typing instead of interacting with real people outside.
  • I could list the problems that I usually have, but I'd rather just give you this URL. It'll explain some things that I do not know: Now you'll be able to see what people like me have to go through when we're forced to interact. It's insufferable. And it's not a choice. That would be antisocial. I know what an antisocial is like. I used to date one.
  • agor(a or o)phobia's characteristics is intense feelings of anxiety and fear in places outside of ones comfort zone i.e. bedroom, house. stage-fright, crippling shyness etc.
  • Damn it. The internet disconnected, temporarily. Well, here it goes: The first URL leads to general description of what AS is like. The second is a site I joined. It mostly focuses on te evils of other people who try to "treat" the disorder through their own warped perceptions of what is "right".
  • nervous farting
  • feeling that people are allways hateing/juging u , and u try to avoid that , shyness , not talking , hard to make freinds/keep them , hard to get a girl freind,, (ur a loner) and others more or less i kinda have this disorter pritty bad , lucky me....
  • Feeling like you walk/ talk differently than "normal" people. Feeling like people are watching/ gossiping about you.

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