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  • You end it. That's a deal breaker, at least for me :)
  • surprise her, she opens up her mouth *surprised* then throw one in her mouth
  • It's never come up, but I dide end a date during appetizers once when I found out she was a vegetarian.
  • How do you cope, really? You take her to get something she does like and eat your pizza when you're not with her, hows that:)
  • is it pizza of any kind? My sister doesn't like tomato sauce, but will eat pizza with no tomato sauce. Maybe there just needs be some creativity and compromise. Who doesn't like pizza? Could she be saying that to discourage you?
  • Take her to Taco Bell
  • I cope. I don't always crave it. I can eat other things. In fact pizza it not my favorite food anyway.
  • I don't talk to people who don't like pizza. :D You can't trust them. I swear to god they must be aliens or something. I don't give a crap if freaking Angelina Jolie wanted to marry me, if she doesn't like pizza, it's over.
  • she hasn't had any good pizza then!!!
  • What's there to cope with? Is she telling YOU you can't have it because she hates it? If not, this should not be a problem, just an unfortunate thing for her.
  • I don't like pizza that much. All of my friends seem to be doing okay.
  • That's just unnatural. I don't know what I would do. Probably call MIB because I would suspect she her of being an alien.
  • Well, I hated pizza or more accurately, hated cheese, when I met my husband and on our first date he took me to a pizza parlor and well, he was a little embarrassed about it, that he had chosen what he thought was a perfect choice as "everyone loves pizza!". But we laughed about it and 4 years later we were married when I turned 18. And it's been 35 years. So sometimes you can't tell just by whether someone likes pizza or not. Sometimes it's the girl that changes and becomes a great pizza maker herself:-)
  • Go to Pizza Hut and get her the salad bar--win-win Lefty :)
  • lol order a personal pizza and she can buy something else (but how can she not like pizza?)
  • Do people really hate pizza?
  • There is no coping with a girl who hates pizza. The only thing left for you to do now is get a bucket of pizza sauce and drown yourself before her illness overtakes you and converts YOU into a pizza hating zombie.
  • -Make her watch pizza tv -listen to pizza FM -make her go on the pizza diet -Get a dog and name it pizza. -But a giant pizza and swim in the greece -Give her a pizza hat -Get a cat and name it pizza -Give her pizza flavoured tooth-paste -Give her a " i love pizza" t.shirt -Take her on holiday to pizza-island -Get her to go on -Write her a lova song involving pizza -Make her a poem about pizza Infact i will help you with that one P - Perfection I - Important Z - Ze best Z - Ze tastiest A - Amazing I think you get the point xx
  • I would be fine with it, I hardly eat pizza as it is, I have given it up as part of my dieting/getting back to my old self once again. Now if she hates meat...that wont fly...c ya later.
  • You eat pizza and let her eat carrots, then date someone else who likes pizza, it could cause some serious relationship problems dating a girl who hates pizza.
  • You smack her with the pizza box and smear some lukewarm cheese and topping on your nuts and tell her she'd better like it or ELSE!
  • "Hate" is a very strong word..did a pizza attack her? Did someone throw a pizza at her when she was very young and she got traumatized? I think you need to get to the bottom of this aberration..perhaps once you understand you can be of help and get her back on the straight-and-narrow path which all of us pizza lovers walk. Allowing her to go through life thinking she hates something so sumptuously delicious would be unkind and wrong! :)
  • I couldnt cope, I'd have to find a new girl.. assuming you mean a girlfriend; that and icecream; I just couldnt tolerate someone not liking ice cream!
  • I feel like topping myself (with extra cheese )

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