• To answer the first part, I think ice would melt faster in plastic, because the foil will act as an insulater, and keep the temperature of the ice cooler for longer, thus preventing it from melting as quickly as it would in plastic. To answer the second part, I think ice would melt faster in water. I've no idea why, but I just seem to remember my ice always melting faster in water than soda. Don't quote me on that though!
  • Ice will melt faster on foil then on plastic. Foil is made of some kind of metal (usually aluminum). All metals are very good conductors of heat. (They are not insulators as another person wrote.) So, if you place ice on a sheet of foil it will act like a heat sink in reverse. That is, it will absorb heat from the surroundings and conduct it into the ice. Plastic, on the other hand, is generally not a good heat conductor. So it will tend to insulate the ice. As for the second question, I would think that ice would melt faster in soda than in water. The various ingredient is the soda would act to depress the milting point of the ice just as salt does, though probably not by the same amount. This would cause the ice to melt faster. However, don't hold me to this because I am not as sure about this as I am the first part of the answer.
  • actully ice melt faster on water then soda because soda has gasses

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