• I say do not forget your sunblock!
  • Go to your doctor and get the behind your ear nausea patches they give chemotherapy patients. They work like a charm and don't make you drowsy like Bonine. Don't over schedule yourself, but take an hour or two at the beginning and plan out the cruise with your mate. Take your own liquor or sodas. You can take some on the boat no matter what they tell you.
  • G'day Wickels, Thank you for your question. The most important do is enjoy yourself. The most important don't is don't fall overboard. :>) BTW, you may be interested in Nursey's cruise. Dancing in the moonlight will be welcome, I'm sure. Regards
  • DO: Bring ID with you when you leave the boat Bring travelers' checks Make use of the ship vault for valuables Bring standard medicines for headache or stomachache Leave your PJs out if you want them to artfully arrange them into animals on your pillow Get the anti-nausea patch or take Dramamine BEFORE boarding Get up for breakfast...there's plenty of time for sleep and relaxing in the afternoon and pre-dinner Buy the shipboard photo (good keepsake) DON'T: Venture too far from the boat unless you're on a tour Forget to pack dress-up clothes unless you know your ship allows jeans/shorts in the dining areas Bring back booze - it's a pain to carry as a carry-on (to keep from breaking)
  • As a 1st time cruiser you will want to: 1. Study the ship to learn how to navigate between decks 2. Sign up early for things that require reservations (like dinner, tours, etc) 3. Find your "quiet-time spot"-whether it be the library, a secluded part of a deck, or even inside your cabin with the privacy sign displayed 4. Know how and where to muster in case of an emergency 5. Enjoy a verandah cabin at least once 6. Don't be afraid to ask any crew member a question you have. 7. Take time to relax--you don't have to do "everything" that is available even though you may be tempted 8. Try new things and activities that you would normally not experience 9. Keep an open mind about weather (as you would for any travel) 10. Study your ports and if you decide to disembark, note the time the ship leaves port and be 30 minutes early and carry the name and phone number of each port's ship-contact person
  • This is good advice, originally written by my wife and pasted here. :) For me, a few things that I've learned to always pack: Photocopies of your passport and photo id if not using a passport---I put a photocopy in each piece of luggage, and I also use a photocopy as my I.D. when leaving the ship for excursions. NEVER use your original passport for id. A travel alarm clock---there usually is not one in your room, and though you can always use the 'wake up call' service, it's nice to know what time it is. A small night light---Your cabin will be DARK at night. A little light in your bedroom or the bathroom is really helpful. A small blow-dryer if not provided by the ship or if it is the type attached to the bathroom wall. Check with the cruiseline. A fanny pack---Invaluable for shore excursions for carrying camera, money, sunscreen, etc. and it keeps your hands free for other packages you may acquire. A hat & sunscreen Ziploc baggies in varying sizes---These are great for sealing up your toiletries and such so they don't leak in your bags. You'll also find a dozen uses for them while on your trip. Singles for tipping baggage handlers, etc while traveling. Most cruise lines these days automatically subtract $10 a day for all your onboard tips which will be added to your onboard account to be payed at the end of your cruise. Check this out and don't plan on EXTRA tipping, or having to pay out cash tips at the end. That's old style stuff and most cruise lines don't operate that way anymore, but check to be sure. A couple of DON'TS: Don't pack many t-shirts. You'll probably want souvenirs and t-shirts are a great one. Don't overpack, period, or you'll likely find yourself overweight on your way home. Pay close attention to the weight limit and leave pounds to spare for bringing home all your fun booty! :) Don't pack too many pairs of shoes. They take up so much room in your luggage and I swear you won't need them all. Try to plan your dinner outfits around a couple of pairs of shoes and save that room for other stuff. Be sure to pack a good pair of walking/hiking shoes. You'll be doing lots of walking, no matter what you choose to do on your excursions. A couple of good sites to check out for more info are: Have a ton of fun
  • My problem when I first cruised was that at he sit down dinner every night..My husband and I awere assigned to sit with all these random people. Well it was our anniversary and we wanted to be you can imagine. So we asked the maitre'd the next night for a private table and they were more than happy to accomadate. Another tip is..if you have ever been on a cruise before you know the last day is the worst when you have to line up to get off the boat..and it takes a long time. Well if you go to the front desk and tell them you have a flight to catch they will give you this pass that lets you off the boat earlier than the rest of the no traffic when you leave! Hope this helps!
  • Cruises are not for me, but a great suggestion I heard was to bring walkie talkies. Cell phones are charged at the international rate and it gets horridly expensive very quickly.
  • Do have fun. Don't go anywhere by yourself. Don't date oo be alone with any of the crew or bands. Watch strangers. Stay away from the edge.
  • Start your patch for sea sickness before you get on boat. I was so sick it ruined the trip. Pick a good boat and cruise ship not an old one. Ours was old and not much to do there.
  • don't and I mean DON'T throw up into the wind !

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