• I seem to remember an episode in the original series, "The Trouble with Tribbles." I remember a scene they had that took place in a bar. On the next generation, they of course had the "Halo Deck" which could be anything they wanted it to be.
  • With a holodeck, who needs more?
  • They had the holodeck, but other than that, no. After all, they only had one bathroom not in the crew quarters.
  • That's a good question. Don't know that answer tho. The only "recreational" stuff I can remember seeing has always been working out/sparring in a gym type environment
  • The holodeck and Picard's head.
  • i think i remember seeing once a hologram room that did just about everything you wanted!
  • they had an archery range.
  • The Enterprise NCC-1701 (the ship from the Original Series) had about one and a half levels of the ship designated to recreation areas. (according to the official technical specs books) It's never really stated what that means. There was a lounge for the crew on Deck 6 as well. The NCC-1701-D (Next Generation) had several holodecks, the Ten-Forward bar/lounge, an arboretum, a swimming pool, a gym, and several smaller lounges. The Enterprise-D was a family-friendly vessel, and had an entire school and recreational area for the children as well.
  • You mean like this yo?...
  • I don't think that the NX-01 had much of anything fun on there. It was more like a sub or a sea-ship than anything else.
  • The NX-01 (the question did specify "Star Trek: Enterprise") was too small to have any dedicated recreation rooms. Instead, they used cargo bays for such things as the ship's gym, and had the weekly movie night in the messhall. NCC-1701 did have a bowling alley, as well as a botanical garden and other dedicated game rooms and gymnasiums. These were expanded in later ships (such as the 1701-A and B). By the time of NCC-1701-D, the holodeck had come into general use, but such things as the ship's arboretum and gymnasiums were retained.

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