• Used to be terrified, now I don't mind them!
  • i like them except for the time i had a leak on my roof that wasnt so nice but for the most part i like them dont like driving in it though
  • They are calm and relaxing as long as they're not severe. Then they're scary!
  • I love them. I think they are soothing to the soul
  • Love 'em!
  • i have strikingly less fear than most... one of the last women i dated had a huge fear of thunder... there was a storm when i was in reno that was very powerful, in fact a house that was across the street and down about 5 spaces had their panel box get hit. it knocked a mirror off of a dresser and left a huge mark going down the wall. i can see why she was so fearful now because she was training to be a nurse and had seen how common strikes are in a city... after seeing that guy on the news on his 49th birthday and all the other coincidences going on in California, i would say that somethings up Zeus's ass!

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