• i wouldn't try it... i don't think 2 weeks will kill you, but it would probably be the worst experience of your life. you could definitely become ill, and when you finally do relieve yourself, you'd need medical intervention. i can't believe i had a serious answer for that one.
  • My younger brother used to play so many video games when he was little, and he still does, that he used to delay going to the restroom because it was too much of an inconvenience. Finally, my parents stepped in and made him take mineral oil regularly to provide a somewhat natural remedy to the problem. He claims that the longest he ever went without going was eight days. However, this caused a great deal of problems. Still to this day he has chronic gas, which leads our doctor to believe that his habits trained his colon to house impacted feces at a very young age. So, if this is a dare or something you really couldn't make it past three or four days just because nature runs its course. And think about it, how can the disruption of a natural bodily cycle be at all good for you? It can't. While it may not be a bad thing for your digestive tract, stopping routine movements for two weeks will be a painful and worthless cause.
  • You won't be poisoned, you'd just be, literally, full of shit. The problem is that there's a limited amount of space to store it, so you probably won't be able to make it that long anyway.
  • ur not going to die...go get some ex lax tho and idf that doesnt work see a could get very sick
  • I've gone a month before. But I'm in general a very unhealthy person, back problems, chronc constipation, rheynoids, seizures. I am in constant pain because of the constipation, my stomach always hurts its pretty terrible.
  • You could get blocked bowels and that is very painful. You won't die but you wish you did. Put some fiber in your diet.
  • Do to the doctor. You won't die but this isn't healthy and the longer you don't go the worse it will be. Until you see the doc you can try to increase fluids and take a fiber supplement. But go to the doctor to be checked.
  • Yeah you will get poisoned. We all need to poop to get rid of our toxins. Most people just don't get the right diet these days. We don't get enough fiber or vitamins. I really recommend this health food. It's fantastic, gives you lots of energy, helps your liver metabolize toxins, makes you lose weight and it will really clean you out. This coconut power is pretty cool too.
  • your body will be burning some really nasty stuff for energy if you stop eating... if you are eating a lot and your system is plugged then your intestines could explode. both are possible fatal scenarios.
  • This has to be the funniest blog ever, my little brother has gone for 2 weeks without going for a poo and is really worried. I've just read him some of your answers and he's quite literally shitting himself about what will happen to him. Lol, thanks guys you've been a great source of random info. And for all those people who haven't had a shit in 2 weeks, you're all gonna DIE!!!

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