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  • He's in lust. If he concentrates more on his home, he won't have time to meddle with someone else's home.
  • well ethically NO! you married the woman you are with & promised to be truthful to her & look after her & lover her till you live, so why do you want to chicken out of it, aren't you a man enough or what, this other woman is a passing fantasy which after you achieve won't thrill you as much as it thrills you now, besides your wife who is out there trusting you loving you & worrying about your well being (assuming that you have a good relationship with her). Such a situation amounts to breach of trust, which is unforgivable & trust me you have to square up everything in this world, if you jump over to the other side, there will be a time & place someone will jump to the other side when you need that person the most, you were meant to be with your wife that's why God put you together, if you end it then you ridicule God's intellect & trust me he does not like being ridiculed... so think about it & let go!!! walk back to your wife love her cherish her & worship her.
  • There are different kinds and levels of Love – I Love my friend’s wife but not the same way I Love my Wife. I would not leave my Wife to be with my friend's wife.
  • Anything is possible. Although I think that would morally be wrong.

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