• you only need one thing for a healthy lifestyle, balance.
  • No smoking (of anything), exercising, and everything in moderation. I'm close to leading one. If I could just stay committed to exercising!! I'd much rather read a book or watch a movie. Ugh! So disgusted with myself.
  • I think that "healthy" is a holistic attitude that encompasses all aspects of living and is at the core of self-respect, self-control, and balance. Healthy means having a positive, proactive approach to emotional, physical, and psychological overall well-being. This means emotional self-regulation, a reasonable diet, an appropriate amount of sleep, and the inclusion of exercise in the daily routine. Healthy people do not deal in the excesses or deficiency but instead choose to decline all that is toxic. A healthy lifestyle means lots of fresh air, 1000-1200 nutritious calories per day, a clean living space, and strong/stable relationships. Leading a healthy lifestyle is my top priority. Never underestimate the power of a delicious, refreshing smoothie!
  • For me it is,and has helped my health greatly,is fasting or drinking distilled or filtered water one day each week,exercise 20 minuted everyday,being vegetarian, cooking foods from scratch and no processed foods,no dairy products,no smoking of cigarettes(pot is OK). .Also eating fresh fruits,nuts and vegies.
  • Being a non-smoker, so, no, I don't.
  • Set goals Eat small meals 5-6 times a day Eat low fat, high fiber Eat your fruits and veggies Avoid excess sugar Drink plenty of water Exercise at least 4x per week Get a good sweat going at least 3x a week Stretch daily Perform stress relieving activity (yoga, breathing, etc.) Enjoy something good for your soul (music, worship, etc.) Indulge your cravings (in a small way) 2+ times a week Sleep at least 8 hours a night Usually, yes, I do all this.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables. 3 meals a day. Some exercise, depending on health, walking is what I like in the summer, rest, nothing better than a good night sleep. Laughter is a must for good health.....which I do alot of with my friends on AB! Being true to yourself, and feeling good about the days work you've done. Staying away from people who add stress to your life. All in all good health means good choices. I do pretty good, except for the stress........that's soooooo hard to stay away from!!!!!
  • The most important one according to me is moderation. If you have mastered moderation you are leading a healthy and a happy lifestyle because you are not cutting out from your life all those things you enjoy most and at the same time you are not binging on them and harming yourself. A positive attitude too has a very important role to pay in a healthy lifestyle. There can be no healthy body without a healthy mind.
  • Lots of exercise. I am good on that front. I swim a mile almost every single day, and I walk/jog for about three miles. Healthy eating helps, and at home I do a pretty good job. But we go out to restaurants all the time, and I go a little crazy. Fortunately, I don't seem to put on weight, but I am sure that will change with age. Happiness helps. I am fortunate to have a very happy disposition and an optimistic outlook on life, and I am very rarely angry. I think this keeps my stress levels down.

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