• From a retired Navy sailor, I'd have to say being able to wade ashore if your ship sinks is a big plus. Seriously though, go online and check the benefits out. I'm sure they've got a web site. Talk to the recruiters, also. You are not obligated to sign anything for information.
  • Hey Chief, that comment about them not going very far is getting old. My dad is in the Coast Guard and I have been thinking about joining. The Coast Guard is one of the best branches of the military to join because of all of the benefits. You get the same pay as any other branch and you get free medical, dental, and you get money for college. I'm not sure but recently the said that you will also get money for your family to go to college. The Coast Guard also has many different choices for a career. The Coast Guard is harder to get into compared to the other branches. You must score a 40 or higher on the ASVAB test (Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery) while the second highest is the Air Force with a required score of 36 or more. You will also most likely need a high-school diploma to join, very few people get in without one.
  • what you just described
  • The only time you should join the Puddle Pirates is when the Navy recruiter tells you to. Go to the Marine Corps, they let you kill people.
  • what you just described

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