• Not really, and i consider myself something of a country music expert. i remember the Mid Western Hayride and a number of other jamboree's but none with the name Stacy's. this must have been a local talent showcase of some sort.
  • Not only do I remember it, I was on it as a kid!! They are selling DVD/CD combo pack as a 25th anniversary of the last show. Go to and check it out!
  • yes I remember it very well and surprised after watching the dvd and cd that there is no ome on from cape breton,ie,glace bay,whycocmagh and new waterford,ns annie
  • Yes, I do remember Stacey's Country Jamboree. My family watched it every Saturday Night. We had a few laughs, and a few surprises as the talent was at its best local.
  • Just found this. Of course, I remember Stacey's Country Jamboree. I and my family would not miss it on a Saturday night. It was a classic. The singers were anything but professional, and the music was poor....but everyone loved it anyway. Young guys often had to get on there and sing as part of an initiation into a fraternity and they were often "three sheets to the wind". The regulars were lovable, and quite memorable. Jenny was everyone's favorite. "On the wings of a snow white dove....." and "Take the ribbons from your hair....for the good times".....classic Jenny!
  • no, i have not listen this show yet.

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