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  • You need evidence.
  • How sure is pretty sure??
  • Nothing for now. If you want to do something, get proof and send it to him anonymously. If you just tell him or show him it's you that can turnout to be the bad guy. There is no telling what people will do when you get into that territory of extreme emotions.
  • I'd confront her about it, because it's YOUR brother, and you have the right to step in (to a certain degree) to try to protect him. If she doesn't change, then I'd go to him. Don't expect him to be too happy with you, but if you love him, you'll inform him because nobody, especially one of your immediate family members, deserves to be cheated on.
  • First, get some proof. Don't assume or accuse of anyone withput any legitimate proof. Second, if you're absolutely sure and you've got proof, then you should tell your brother straight up. He deserve to know.
  • edited answer: support your brother. he could be in schock. he may become depressed. he may not like women for awhile. he probably thinks his whole foundation has been pulled out beneath his feet.
  • I've read everything you have said. Y'all know she's a hoe. If he hasn't dumped her by now he's weak. Nothing you can do will help him. My brother is the same way, they cheated on each other and deserve each other though. Nothing you can do will make him strong, it has to come from within him. If she has cheated before and he allowed it, then there is your answer. Stay out of it and tell him to grow a pair of balls. For real, he's too weak for her and she is the strength in the relationship, but she's no good. I would have never gone to anybody for help, I would have dumped her in a heat beat.
  • If you "think" it's happening, maybe get some proof, or try to give your bro a hint, but make sure you say "I think" if your not too sure about it. You don't want to look as though you are trying to make any trouble. Understand where I'm coming from?
  • Snitch.. blood be thicker than water.
  • You should tell your brother. ask him if he is concerned. it might be okay with him. or he might know more than you do. my cusins husband has been seeing other women for years, and my cousin never knew it. when she found out she devorced him. is your brother ready to go through a devorce?
  • This is a toss up. I know many people who have been in this situation, some who have informed the betrayed spouse and some who have not. For those who have informed the betrayed spouse, it's about a 50% shot at losing their relationship with that person. In this case, since you are saying "pretty sure," leave it alone! Unless you are positive, don't bring it up. You could ruin a perfectly viable marriage and your own relationship with your brother.

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