• I have never known baking flour to ruin automotive paint. Try washing the area thouroughly with warm soapy water. If it is leaving spots, a wax job using a quality wax will likely rub out any residue.
  • Soapy water and/or wax will not work. Once the flour is wet, it hardens like cement. My son's car just got covered with it as a joke and it is impossible to get the flour off. It has been rejected by the car detailing place we took it to, and it has not come off through two full car washes. Did you ever find a way to remove it? We are so frustrated.
  • Never really dealt with this but suspect it is just a matter of keeping the car wet long enough to soak into the flour and loosen it. Any rainy days coming up? Good luck.
  • Don't wet it! Sweep it off with a hand broom. If you've already wet it and it dried you need to soak it with hot water and towels and use a mild detergent.

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