• Its not the ozone layer that's the concern: the buildup of CO2 is a problem because it traps the sun's heat. From this perspective, it doesn't matter whether the CO2 comes from humans or automobiles, its the same gas either way. The issue is that we're (in effect) pumping CO2 out of the ground in the form of fossil fuels and spraying it into the atmosphere, something that the normal CO2 cycle isn't able to balance out.
  • You are mixing up two things. CO2, wherever it comes from, is not harmful to the ozone layer. CO2, whereever it comes from, causes Global Warming, which is generally agreed to be a bad thing. And the problem is not CO2 being there at all, it is the amount of Co2. People and animals before them have been breathing our C02 for all the time that life has existed. Volcanoes were emitting CO2 before people ever existed. But the problem is that humans, by digging up and burning coal and oil, have massively increased the amount of CO2 over the amount that was there before. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by about a third since man got up to that. The system was in balance, and we have chucked a massive weight on one side of the balance. When it comes to rest again, the Earth will be in a different state. The Ozone Layer problem is a completely different problem. The Ozone Layer is destroyed by chlorofluorocarbons, which are chemicals which used to be used in refrigeration units and air conditioners, and also as industrial cleaners. Now that we have more-or-less stopped using these, it appears as if the ozone layer has stopped being destroyed, and may even recover to near its initial state in about fifty years.
  • I belive that this will help if you scroll down to Concentrations of CO2 in atmosphere.
  • yes it is harmful to the ozone layer and this is bad as it destroys the ozone layer causing a hloe in which the suns infared rays to get stuck in the earths atmosphere causing glkobal warming which is bad for everyone. usually the suns infared rays go andhit the earths surface then bounce back out of atmosphere but with the hole in the ozone layer it makes it mmore difficult for the rays to get out into space therefore they get trapped and heat up the earths atmosphere.
    • Jewels Vern
      You are picking the words out of a Bingo machine, right? Either that or you are drunk and pretending to know something when you don't.
  • the level of co2 has been rising since the earth started bt it hasnt been since the past 100-150 yrs that it has been rising at a serious pace, it has been rose 13% in those past 100 years. It has been mainly due to the dumb asses burning fossil fuels to make a train move in the 1900's. if only they found out electricity sooner.

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