• THATS NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION FOR ME TO HELP YOU, and by the way turn the caps lock off, it doesn't draw attention to your posts, it drives it away, I hate caps lock. Right,I need to know what you were trying to put on your psp, did you just go to your media player playlist and drag your wmv's and mpg's to the video folder on your psp, because that will not work Most likely that was your problem, so I'll just go with assumption. You need a converter, the most commen video format for your psp is mp4 so start by googleing for a "mp4 converter" filter through the crap until you find one that works. It will give you 2 files per vid you convert the mp4 which is the converted video, and usually a thm which is the thumbnail picture you see on the psp, they will both be named in the right format and have matching names DON'T CHANGE THE NAMES, you can change the numbers at the end but you have to have the same number, example :- if the last 4 digits are 0001 you could change it to 0100 but you have to keep the same number of total characters buy leaving the 0 there, I'm probably confusing you. Good luck, and PLEASE CAPS LOCK SPARINGLY

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