• i dont know. i've never tryed it. =P
  • Purina has been making dog food for 75 years. I would think they wouldn't have lasted that long with a poor product.
  • No. No product you can buy at a regular grocery store is. Well, wait. At some Giant Eagle's and Target's, they have Castor & Pollux or Newton or Natural Life Dog Food. They're better than nothing!
  • They make puppy chow so that is a yes in certain regards.
  • It's mediocre really, there food is made with a lot of corn meal and fillers. My dog can't handle it and had a lot of GI problems when he was on it. I even had him on the more expensive 'Purina One". If you dog isn't sensitive or have any special needs, it's ok but most trainers, breeders and vets won't recommend it.
  • I would not recommend it. I use Pedigree over here in Scotland.
  • No. They spend their money on tv and print ads instead of buying quality meat. Look into Evo, innova, and Canidae all life stages. Stay away from food with corn, soy and wheat, if you can afford it evo is also a no grain food. Orijen is another no grain kibble. The best diet for your dog is raw. They call it BARF, but that typically entails ian billinghurst's Idea that dogs are omnivores, when they are really carnivores. Here are a few sites that can help you: (makers of evo)
  • Have no idea I've never eaten it and neither has my dog
  • No, it is one of the worst foods, as they rely too much on grains which dogs have a hard time digesting and most dogs are even allergic in some way to grains, especially soy, wheat and corn. They are interested in only making money, not being good to your pets. Check out this website for good kibble comparisons:
  • Purina is not one of the better brands of dogfood. One way to tell how good a dog food is for your dog is to observe how much it poops! This is an indicator as to how much nutriants are being absorbed by the dog. The less poop the more food value in what they eat compared to the volume they eat. For dry dog food, which to my understanding is better for the dog, I feed my dog Bil-Jac. It is a little more expensive but my dog absorbs more of it than other of the better brands such as Iams. I am sure Bil-Jac is available at other pet stores but I get mine at Petsmart.
  • I wouldn't recomend it. If you can afford it try the brand Merrick. It's excpetionally high quality food. Their wet food is great, but if you favor dry food, it's just as good. You can even add water to it and make a kind of gravy that dogs love. I love my dog just as much as I love my children, I give him the best food that I can. If you do some research you find that many company's are responsible for ruining dogs health by putting fillers, preservatives, diseased meat, and ingredients that dogs are naturally allergic to in their products. You may also want to research the breed for suggestions. Large breeds like Great Danes can have sensitive stomachs, others may need help with their joints with supplements - german shepards for instance. P.S you'll know if the food your using is low quality if your dog has more than two BM's a day, if it's runny, and really fowl smelling. Also, don't force your dog to eat a food he really doesn't like... it's just not right. Often pet stores will give you small samples to try out on your pet before buying a 35 lbs bag that your stuck with. Good luck!
  • Its not bad but I prefer Purina Puppy Chow. Its softer and when you add a little cream and sugar, it makes for a good crunchy gravy with mashed potatoes.
  • My dog loved it.
  • If you want to get right down to it, NONE of the pet food you can buy at the grocery store is 'good'... says the people who make their living off of their pets. It's good enough for my dog, though.
  • any dog food at a grocery store is a NO ...go to privatly owned pet stores... buy the most expensive! We get ours from Michigan. $40 a bag. and its lik 10 lbs. or less. nuts. but talk to the pet stores about good foods. you want something NOT on commercials. just like taco bell and arbys and mcdonalds... thats a NO
  • We used to use Purina Puppy Chow and Dog Chow, but after doing some research related to our pet health business, we switched over to Drs. Foster & Smith. It is more expensive, but it goes further as there are far fewer fillers, which means our dogs don't need to eat as much. Plus, more importantly, it contains almost none of the huge number of chemicals you'll find in supermarket / store brands, so it's much better for them. A good diet is a key part of keeping your dog healthy, as it builds rather than destroys his immune system.
  • lokksw good tastes good and good for ya.. if youre a dog.. and its approved by the fda for human consumption if necessary, ha.
  • There is a lot of controversy about dog foods, and there are a lot of studies that say this that and the other thing are bad. My family used Purina Dog Chow for our dogs all the time I was growing up, and they lived to be very old for the times. My father's dog, McTavish, lived to be 16. When I was a child, most dogs lived to be 6 or 8, maybe. The difference was that my father always enhanced the Purina Dog Chow with a dog food that was available then called Vigo 100. It was nothing but pure horse meat. (Of which I disapprove, but those were different times). He also added powdered milk. I use Purina Dog Chow now and add my own supplement food. My dogs live to be 17 - 20 years old! So I think it is a good food. However, I would always add a supplement. Here is my supplement recipe: and here is a true story about McTavish: Enjoy! :) Suzanne
  • I'm not sure about that brand but I researched Chicken Soup for the dog lovers soul about 6 years ago for my lhasa apso. He wasn't eating whatever brand it was back then I cant remember. He loves this food. Its all natural.
  • It's not, it's the equivalent of feeding your toddler McDonalds everyday (not that I'm too good for McDonalds, I love it, but wouldn't feel right feeding it to someone who is dependent on me). I did loads of research when I realized a few years back that not only are commercial dog foods bad for your pet but they also do inhumane animal testing on dogs and cats in labratories, ugh, seemed tainted to me to feed my dog something that the production of caused other dogs and cats harm, that's just me though. I use California Natural, Innova is a good brand as well. The store I buy it from Pet People if there's one in your area is great, they have a punch card (just like the Sub Club cards at Subway) and the 13th bag is free. It's around $45 a bag but I rationalize it that I could easily spend that going out to dinner twice and it feeds him for a whole month.
  • I don't know. Eat some and let us know.
  • It's not the worst. If you have to pick something from the grocery store, Purina One is the best. The vet I work with at the shelter (so - shelter means dogs that get ther healthiest, most affordable option) get purina one. IT's still expensive. Don't buy pedigree. Pleasse
  • Most commercial dog foods contain a load of fillers (which means your dog need to eat more to get the necessary nutrients) and chemicals (which can cause all sorts of side-effects. We used to feed our dogs Purina Puppy Chow and Purina Dog Chow, and we swapped over to Drs Foster & Smith ( around April 2007, and we've been very pleased with it.
  • There is nothing wrong with it. I have fed it and the dogs did quite well. It doesn't give you any bragging rights at Starbucks.
  • I would recommend feed your dog with Eukanuba dog food, It helped my dogs get healthy. My 5 years old dog T-Bone too eats Eukanuba, and let me tell you, he is healthy and strong. My uncle is a Vet and he recommends this Eukanuba dog food to many of his clients including my dog. Mind you, he has been practicing for about 30 years now, so I can assure you that he knows his stuff! You can find various types of Eukanuba Dog Food on the following page:
  • Not in my opinion. It has a LOT of corn in it and corn (while tasty with some butter, salt and pepper is a delight to US) IT of the worst digesting foods on the planet! Look for yourself, the next time you eat it! Comes out in mostly whole bits! Dogs are not designed to digest GRAINS of any type, veggies or fruits.... Dogs and Cats ARE DESIGNED....TO EAT AND FULLY DIGEST (this means the animal is getting ALL of the possible nutrition out of their food, and so it is actually MORE cost effective!) RAW MEATS 80%, BONES 10%, AND ORGANS 10%. The percentages are not so much every single meal, but over time, over the weeks worth of meals. RAW BONES (including chicken) are safe and go crunch, crunch! Cooked bones are ALL dangerous! I also save money raw feeding, because I belong to my local Freecycle group and people GIVE ME MEATS THEY DON'T WANT! Sometimes it is freezer burned, but that doesn't effect the nutritional values enough to worry about. My old feed bill for 2 dogs and 4 cats was about $75 to $125 a month...NOW I spend maybe $45 to $80 at the most (both costs include cat litter too!) and my dogs and cats health has IMPROVED most noticeably over the past YEAR feeding a Species Appropriate diet! Teeth are white as can be, with NO tarter, they all shed a LOT LESS. The one cat that had constant urinary challenges (resulting in vet bills and use of dreaded antibiotics) hasn't had a SINGLE problem since switching! Energy levels and focus for training is way up, yet they are also far calmer and relaxed when not playing or working! AND...the dogs stopped eating "Kitty Rocha!" Both had the habit, and both simply quit all on their interest in it at all! They all have more muscle and less fat on them too! Plus they LOVE their dinner time! It's worth checking out....better health, less cost, fewer Vet bills....happy animals...oh...and because they USE all of the nutrition...LESS POOP from everyone! (and the dogs poop turns to dust in about 3/4 days!) Information is POWER....and the ability to make BETTER, INFORMED decisions....CLAIM YOURS!
  • i dont see why not or they wouldnt make it, try giving it to your dog and see if he likes it

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