• I did not. And I would certainly not do it. I find it is just barbaric. Here is some information about it: "Apache is a highly dramatic dance associated in popular culture with Parisian street culture in the beginning of the 20th century. The name of the dance is pronounced ah-PAHSH (not ah-PATCH-ee, like the Native American tribe). The dance is named after the nickname of street gang members, Apaches. The dance is very brutal to the woman, and sometimes said to reenact a "discussion" between pimp and prostitute. It includes mock slaps and punches, the man picking up and throwing the woman to the ground, or lifting and carrying her while she struggles or feigns unconsciousness. In some examples, the woman may fight back." Source and further information: Further information: La Valse Chaloupée (Apache Danse) 1934 created by MISTINGUETT & MAX DEARLY in 1909

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