• A werewolf, assuming they'd had time to transform before the fight began. A vampire is strong and fast, but really only have their teeth to fight with. A werewolf attack is basically having a massive, powerful, fast, angry dog after you.
  • i'd have to go with a vampire...not sure why i think this, but it's what i believe
  • thats like saying "edward or jacob?". EDWARD.
  • I think a werewolf would win. But that's cause I'm reading the Twilight series, and so far, that seems to be the case. =)
  • werewolf ... there just classier!
  • that is an extremely tough question. it would all depend on what type of vampire Vs what type of werewolf. depending on which book you are reading, they have different strengths and weaknesses. some vampires can control werewolves and other creatures of the dark. others have only slightly greater abilities than normal man. just as different werewolves also vary in power/ abilities. 1. bram stokers Dracula vs. universals the wolf-man = Dracula wins easy. . 2. underworld = almost evenly matched. . most of the time the vampire has the advantage based on more and varied powers while the werewolf is usually limited to enhanced physical abilities.
  • um......... i am reading twightlight, my friend loves it says vampires would win and everything (like they don't like garlic) is a myth (she loves edward) and werewolfs will not win (she hates jacob) but i got to say SHAPESHIFTERS would win no matter what! my friend says a shapeshifhter would never win.... well they are sweet, so i say let Shapeshifters rule!!!!!!!
  • Well, it depends. Vampires are more flexible and quicker. Werewolves have more strength. So they are pretty even, although I prefer werewolves. And, Edward just got lucky. =P
  • we winter wolfs are about the same and i can kill a vampire,i have before.
  • Vampires. Werewolves are most likely not even aware of their existence at the time of carnage, and run on pure destructive drive. A vampire, all knowing and aware, can more than easily counter brute strength, and most vampires are pretty tidy themselves. And hell, all a vampire has to do is look at the werewolf and it becomes the vampire's slave. >_>
  • Werewolfe would tear him to shreds!

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