• Why not ? I don't think it is against the law to get married in US, as long as he doesn't overstay, especially since you are a US citizen. If he does, that might be a problem. After marriage, He can even apply for permanent residency, if he wants to. For more information about applying for permanent residency and stuff, you can visit US immigration website at I hope this answer is helpful.
  • You must file a fiance visa and that allows him to come here, also I imagine that you have met him in person and that you know that he is not a con man - I do not mean to be rude but there are many con-artist perpetrating sweet heart scams over the internet.Of course if he is from Belgium ( citizen there) The odds are very low is a scam since Belgium is a first world country but if you met in the internet be careful. Anyway by filing a fiance Visa form he can come here and you guys can get married cause just getting married there The US officials may not grant validity or delay his entrance here for years, also is Illegal for him to come as a tourist if he has other motives: marriage, jobs etc

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