• I have been a Gardener for 25 years, here's what you do; Decide where you want the perennial bed and mark it off with a sting. take a hose a water it two times a day for a week to soften the sod and soil. get a Round-ended shovel and go along the string severing the sod/ grass for the rest. every foot go along like you did when you went along the string creating strips of grass. start at the middle and take out a portion of grass and then get under the grass with the shovel and take a square at a time and sever it. put the removed grass someplace shady untill you know where you want to put it. water the bare soil and amend and fill-up as the perennial bed and soak well before planting. remember to keep up on those pesky weeds!
  • you can rent a sod cutter it does a nice neat job plus if there happen to be a few bald spots on your lawn you have sod

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