• I was never really close to either of them, but I would have to say my parents.
  • yes i was closer to my gran on my dads side until she died when i was eleven, then my grandad on my mums side who died eight years ago.
  • No. I'd love to have known my mother's mother; she died long before I was born. (I was born when my mother was 35 and my father 44.) My mother's father died when I was 3 and a half. My father's father died before I was born, but he wasn't a nice person, I am told. My father's mother lived till I was about 18, but for the last three decades of her long life, she didn't recognize anybody, poor thing.
  • No, quite the opposite.
  • If only I were closer to anybody besides myself!
  • I was quite close to my grandparents on mother's side. But I was especially close to those on my father's side, since they took care of us for much of our youth. My mother was often away, usually in a hospital temporarily. She has several psychological disorders. And then, when I was 12, my grandparents took custody of me, and my siblings.
  • Parents at least 1 of them everyone else was dead or died before I hit 36

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