• Some do, some do not.
  • I would imagine some people would dream when they are in a coma, ive heard they are aware that people are around them i knew a friends who was put into an induced coma cause of his injuries he said he dream about the nurses typical bloke eh hee hee, so i would say yes they do, i hope this has help you
  • I have been in a coma on a few occasions, and in each case I have experienced nothing at all. It was very much how I imagine death to be. Interestingly, on a couple of occasions when I have regained consciousness it has been like the descriptions in cheap detective novels, of fighting my way to the surface with great effort, and then breaking through into the light of consciousness again.
  • My mom was in a medically-induced coma for just 14 days, when they brought her out of it, she didn't realize time had passed, she did not remember ever getting sick, but she did remember some rather odd dreams. It really depends upon the person and the situation... I would think. Humans are starnge creatures!
  • That's about all they can do...! ;-)
  • I was in a induced coma for 21 days after serious sickle cell attack when I woke up I was mad at my wife for not doing something that I asked her to do my family had to convince me that it was all a dream I had several other dreams like the ICUI was in had construction going on, talking to my brother about his relationship with his girlfriend, going on vacation to Jamaica but I was sick and couldn’t enjoy my self when everyone else was having a good time and several other crazy dreams but the last thing that I remembered that actually happened was being loaded on the life flight helicopter and being strapped down
  • here is my theory..... It depends on what type of coma your in but yes most people do dream in comas

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