• Apathy. Without the reaction, sarcasm has no point.
  • Intelligence. If one can counteract the other's sarcasm with an intelligent response to their otherwise unintelligent comment, their comment will be completely pointless because it will make you appear to be the better person. Or, if you're truly stupid, just walk away with nothing to say, and hopefully they'll feel more stupid than you!
  • With indifference, there is no conflict or baggage to carry.
  • indifference
  • I find if I use a higher mentality it usually helps.That could mean sacasim that others around would understand but leaves the one in the dark ,or feigning ignorance helps sometimes to.
  • Indifference because you are showing to that person that you havnt steeped down to their level which is good!
  • None of the above. Fight sarcasm with a club. A big blunt wooden club.
  • 4-20-2017 When someone resorts to sarcasm, they have lost the fight already, unless you accept the challenge to restart it at a disadvantage. So you refuse to acknowledge it.

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