• Unfortunatley, this is unavioidable. The only way to cover this is by tanning. The natural sun and solariums would be the best choice as spray-on tans and self-tanning solutions fade and run. Everybody's face will turn red when experiencing exhasution, so it's only natural. So i suggest tanning, this will blend the redness in more and not make it look so noticable and embarassing. Hope this helps.
  • Congratulations! You have pale skin--that means you're doing something right--using sunscreen, covering up and/or staying out of the sun. You will be blessed with your youthful, supple skin well into your middle ages when all the sun-worshippers are shriveling up like pruny leather scraps! PLEASE don't tan! While a little sun is good for vitamins, you've come this far... you don't want to ruin your skin. Tanning takes away from the skin's ability to regenerate itself, so it's not just a tan for the weeks it lasts, it's effects will subtly degrade the health of your epidermis as long as you do it. When your face gets red exercising, it means it is recieving lots of healthy blood flow, bringing nutrients to your skin and carrying away toxins! Drink lots of water, give yourself time to wind down from your exercise routine, and smile at yourself in the mirror, knowing you are doing many things--protecting your skin, exercising--to promote a long, healthy and beautiful life! And if you MUST succumb to the fashionable tan look, (which incidentally is not really all that fashionable any more--look at Liv Tyler, Rose McGowan, Dita Von Teese, and others), opt for a good quality bronzer or spray-tan. Keep up the good work with your SPF--you will be so glad you did (every older woman I've ever spoken to about sun exposure regrets having tanned due to the lines, wrinkles, age spots, dehydrated appearance, and many other complaints due to sun exposure)!
  • You may have a serious problem. See a doctor ASAP
  • There is a product made by BENIFIT...U can get it n a stick or powder..its n a yellow container and its called "Blush".Its covers up redness from your face.U can wear it going out under make up or wen ur exercizing keeping the redness covered up and un noticable to others!!!!!!!!!U can find "Benifit" in debnhams and other stoers!!!:)
  • Does your face hurt when it turns red? My face turns red and hurts. Like a burning sensation.

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