• Yes We belong to it here in Aloha, Oregon Do you call yourself the household of faith as written in the word of GOD? Do you believe in all the 5 signs? Do you believe in baptism and the laying on the hands for receiving the holy ghost? Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU Doyle Rader in the faith for 50 yrs
  • Well, based on my experience, you're more than likely to find them here!
  • I do - Wichita, KS. Unfortunately, there are several new churches springing up around the world claiming the same name that are not the same church - in fact, have no affiliation with the original General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn. Watch out for them. Do you greet each other with a holy kiss? Don't have a paid ministry? Then we're in the same one - God Bless
  • I do Im living in Alturas California moved here from Tulsa Oklahoma
  • If any1 wants to contact the person that posted this question it is me Sis Monique I luv talking with Brotheren Love & Prayers Sis Monique

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