• he goes touring with gimli does he not?
  • Legolas survives, if that's useful. If you want to read it for yourself (but don't have time to read the whole book) check Appendix A (Durin's Folk) from the last page beginning 'Gimli Glóin's son is renowned,....' This gives a bit of info about what Legolas did in the years after LOTR. Appendix B, the last year entry given as year 1541 (Shire Calendar) also holds a final postscript. If you don't have time to check these out, then in short, Legolas and Gimli (as they had previously agreed) visited Fangorn after the War of the Ring. Presumably they both journeyed home together. At some later time (not specified) Legolas brings some elves from Northern Mirkwood to live in Ithilien, and presumably has some role of leadership. When Aragorn dies in year 120 of the FA, Legolas, accompanied by Gimli, builds a ship, presumably at Pelargir and sails westward. He, with Gimli, is the last of the Fellowship of the Ring. Hope that helps.
  • In th very end he and Gimli sail to the Undying lands. You know, after Aragorn dies.
  • he exsplores the golden caves with gimli and then he gose to valinor (undying lands) gimli i dnt think he gose....
  • Here's some other info for your fanfic: Son of Thranduil (I think that makes him Legolas Thranduilion) and his name means Greenleaf. It never says anything in the books about him having a love, and (being a wood-elf of Mirkwood) he longs for the sea, and in the end sails with Gimli. Hope that helps!

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