• Hose, dose, foes.
  • Goes, Nose, Shows, Hoes
  • Snows Blows Shows Compose Suppose Depose Slows Goes Sorrows Alone Close Impose Compose Enclose
  • Bose, doze, foes, goes, hoes, hose, Joe's, mows, no's, nose, pose, rows, stows, toes, woes ....
  • 1 syllable: blose, blows, boase, boes, bose, bowes, bows, boze, bro's, brose, chose, close, clothes, cose, crose, crow's, crows, doe's, doze, eaux, flows, foes, froze, ghose, glows, goes, goghs, gose, grose, grows, ho's, hoes, hose, joe's, joes, jos, klose, knows, kroes, kroeze, lo's, loews, lowe's, lowes, lows, moes, mose, ngo's, ngos, no's, noes, nose, o's, o.'s, o.s, o.s', oh's, ohs, ooohs, ose, owes, poe's, pose, pows, pro's, pros, pros', prose, roes, roh's, rohs, rose, row's, rowe's, rowes, rows, show's, shows, shows', slows, snows, so's, sows, those, throes, throws, tows, vose, woes, yoes 2 syllables: arose, bestows, bio's, bog rose, boulos, bull nose, campeau's, cliff rose, compose, defoe's, depose, disclose, dispose, dog rose, dubose, duclos, enclose, expose, foreclose, forgoes, ground rose, guandjo's, hawk nose, impose, lebow's, micheaux's, miro's, monroe's, musk rose, non pros, old rose, oppose, perot's, perots, plainclothes, pope's nose, propose, renault's, repose, rock rose, roussos, rush rose, stavros, sun rose, suppose, tarots, tea rose, transpose, truffaut's, trunk hose, tussaud's, wind rose 3 syllables: baby rose, bengal rose, c. e. o.'s, c. e. o.s, china rose, christmas rose, coffee rose, cotton rose, damask rose, decompose, desert rose, fire hose, garden hose, groseclose, h. m. o.'s, h. m. o.s, interpose, juxtapose, mountain rose, on the nose, p. l. o.'s, predispose, presuppose, reimpose, roman nose, support hose, ufo's, ufos, winter rose 4 syllables: cherokee rose, japanese rose, lead by the nose, misdiagnose, overexpose, superimpose, under her nose, under his nose, under my nose, under one's nose, under your nose 5 syllables: confederate rose, polyphonic prose, radiator hose, summer damask rose
  • afros airflows aloes altos anglos appose argots arose arrows autos banjoes banjos barrows beaus bedclothes bellows bestows billows bingos bistros blows bluenose bongoes bongos boroughs borrows bows bravos broncos brownnose bulldoze bullnose buncos bureaus burros burroughs burrows cantos cargoes cargos cellos chateaus chose close clothes combos compose condos cornrows credos crossbows crows dadoes dados deathblows demos depose depots didoes didos dingoes disclose discos dispose dittoes dittos dodoes dodos doze duos echoes egos elbows enclose escrows expos expose farrows fellows flambeaus floes flows foes follows foreclose foreknows forgoes frescoes frescos froze furloughs furrows gallows gauchos ghettoes ghettos ginkgoes gizmos glows goes grottoes grottos grows gumbos gyros hallos hallows haloes halos harrows haymows hellos heroes heros hippos hoboes hobos hoes hollows homos honchos hose impose inclose inflows jabots jatos jingoes jumbos juntos kayos ketose kilos knows kudos largos lassoes lassos limbos limos lingoes locoes locos lows machos maestros maillots mallows maltose mambos mangoes mangos marrows matzos meadows mellows memos minnows morrows mottoes mottos mows narrows negroes nightclothes nodose nose oboes ohs oohs oppose osmose outflows outgoes outgrows owes oxbows pesos pharaohs photos picots pillows pinkos pintoes pintos plainclothes plateaus ponchos pose primrose propose prose psychos pueblos rainbows ratios refroze repose rose rows salvos scherzos schizos schmoes sclerose sews shakos shallows shows sideshows silos slows snows solos sorrows sourdoughs sows sparrows stows stuccoes stuccos sucrose suppose swallows tableaus tableaux tacos tangos taros tempos those throes throws tiptoes toes torsoes torsos tows transpose tricots trousseaus typos unfroze vetoes virgos viscose wallows weirdos widows willows windows windrows winnows winos woes xylose yellows zeroes zeros
  • It has thorns so don't insert in the............Nose
  • blows. =P
  • Toes and Prose.
  • Ever think about getting a rhyming dictionary...?
  • harry potter and the deathly hallows.
  • hose nose goes toes froze and homers favorite doh's
  • For you, I chose a rose You'll see then how it grows Pink or yellow, red or white Whichever, your favorite sight Press it up against your nose Or a favorite book to enclose To detract from all your woes What rhymes with rose? So many more than any of those.
  • Flowery prose.
  • ah come on! No one said ho's?!!

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