• Yes, you should be grateful, although it is tiring. Eight years old is an inquisitive age when kids are wondering many things, especially who they are as individuals. If your child was totally complacent, you would wonder why... Consider yourself blessed with this child who questions things in life rather than just swallowing everything just because.....
  • i love it!
  • Yes you need to find that balance between trying not to stifle his communication with you but yet let him know there are times when he needs to practice being quiet. Do they play quiet Mouse at his school? Yeah, it's time for quiet mouse! Shhh!
  • Is the talk about normal kid things, or does he seem to be obsessive about something? Either way, try to channel him towards something productive that he seems to enjoy.
  • i think so, wish i had a kid around to talk to, youre lucky

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