• I don't know where your from but I've read that the average size here (the Netherlands) is 15 cm and when your 16 it ain't going to grow ((much more)) But hey you shouldn't care about it, as long as you know what to do with it your all set and size doesn't really matters ;P Some girls don't even like big penises, so you just have to be with that girls ;]
  • If I may be blunt, but I'm a girl, and, for most girls, a larger penis may actually hurt more than help. It's more the width than the length, you know?
  • 14 cm = 5.5 inches 15 cm ~ 6 inches = Average You're about average, and keep in mind that your penis will grow (maybe not that much though, depending on when your puberty started) until you are 21 years of age.
  • "Big" and "small" are relative terms... and might I add, relatively irrelevant. So, one must ask, "big" or "small" according to who, and compared to what? I knew a guy with a penis so small it was barely visible... it looked like nothing more than a small protrusion of foreskin. Admittedly, I felt sorry for him and his future wife. He was 17 at the time (I was at college). I know another man with a penis so large it quite literally comes almost up to his collar-bone (upper chest) when erect. It is surprisingly enormous -- has to be seen to be believed. Whilst I don't feel the same sense of sorrow for him, I can certainly imagine that having sex is pretty much out of the question for him. If it's sex your concerned about -- and I imagine it is, because any size penis can urinate, and any size penis can be self-stimulated... other than that, what else would you use it for? -- well, both of the above mentioned gentlemen have an impossible time in that regard. With your 6in friend, I am sure you'll be just fine... keeping in mind that there is just as there is a lot of variation in the relative size of the male penis, there is also a lot of variation in the relative size and tightness of the vagina. Some woman might find your 6in one-eyed-wonder too small for optimum pleasure. Other woman The vast majority, however, are going to find it absolutely fine... at least from a purely physiological point of view. As "Monkeynunky" pointed out in a comment above, it tends to be the girth not the length that's (relatively) more important. My penis happens to be on the longish side (about 7.5-8 in) and some women find it goes too deep which can be slightly painful. But that's not such an issue, as I just have to be mindful and not go all the way in. Woman I know have mentioned that some men have a very thin (small girth or diameter) penis and they can hardly feel it. These women, mind you, also tended to have a larger vagina so they are more likely to notice that. If your sexual preference is men (I don't wish to make any assumptions either way), I suspect smaller is tending toward better. I understand many homosexual men don't actually engage in anal sex (or very rarely), but for those that do, the anus is relatively tight and small compared to the vagina. So if that's your sexual orientation, I doubt your 6in friend will give you any issues there. So... perhaps by now you're starting to get the gist of this. It's all relative and highly subjective... based on many factors. The most important factor, in my opinion, is this: How you feel about yourself and your penis... along with your (and your sexual partner's) willingness to be with each other in an open and honest way is what matters most. That can be very challenging and awkward at 16... even at 40... but more so as a teen. If you meet a woman who is not an "ideal" match for your penis size I would think it's only a matter of open communication and you'll find plenty of ways to make it all work out fine, and feel fantastic for you both. As to what an "ideal" match is... well... highly subjective, that is. So again... it really doesn't matter. Go forth my pubescent male friend... go forth with your 6in friend... use him wisely... kindly... passionately... and most importantly... LOVINGLY. All will be well.
  • I have read that 14,5-16 cm is the normal size for a teenage penis. So it's not big or small, but common :)
  • i'm 13 years old and mine is 16 cm
  • Ok; according to Men's Health Magazine and the Kinsey Institute of Sexual Studies ; the AVERAGE "Adult" Penis, when fully erect is 5.2" -5.5" when measured PROPERLY. The penis CAN continue to grow until age 21-23 or thereabouts .... Note: MANY males LIE about their size to Impress their friends and / or females that they know .... +5
  • mines 13 cm and i'm 13.
  • don't worry about it. when i was at your age my penis was 14.4 cm. now i' m 20years old and my penis is 17 cm (6.8 in). (my penis became bigger at the age of 19). believe me, now when i have sex with my girlfriend she screws. don't worry about your penis, it will be bigger. and you mustn't believe your friends. many of them they lie about their size. not all of them but many.
  • 6 inches is a 15,... cm not 14.Anyway,your penis is big.

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