• Don't sneak any fries.
  • dont drop anything...
  • Don't snack on the sliced's good but to much will clog you up.
  • Don't worry about making too many mistakes. Everyone makes them on the first day. Just do your best. That's all they can ask of you.
  • be on time and try to be as motivated as possible be curteous to the customers and most of all show respect to your co workers they will help you out.
  • wear comfortable shoes, with a non-slip surface, don't want you to slip and fall in that grease pit. remember, the place is crawling with surveillance cameras, obey all the rules. if you end up hating it, don't stay there for months and years, you can make minimum wage and be abused as a cashier at a market, i think the smell of the cooking meat would get to me
  • Smile a lot....accept that you will not learn everything on day will make mistakes, just say "oops, I'm sorry" smile and learn from it. Enjoy patient with the idiots (there will be some!)...and when you have a spare minute, pick up a cloth and wipe the counter without being told to.... Good luck!!
  • Do what you are told, be at work on time, and feel free to report any abnormal behavior (i.e. an employee rubbing a bun on their crotch before serving, or spitting in a burger or two, etc.) Customer service is the most uneasy job for a first timer so try and be courteous with each customer and if someone becomes agitated, ask your supervisor for help. Pretty soon you will be a manager and realize that you will never eat fast food again...So I heard, not from experience of course. I worked at Subway and did not find anyone or anything to be disgusting.
  • G'day Crazyredhead, Thank you for your question. Listen to your supervisor and follow the rules. Be nice to the customers. Good luck and best wishes. Regards
  • Awwwh dont be nervous Just 1 good tip listen to your supervisor and Try to be extra friendly to customers if they see that you are trying they will be overwelmed.
  • Just relax and be yourself friend. You can do it! I beelieve in you :)

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