• If your Dog isnt in Hot weather.... because that obviously causes a faster heart rate and panting when becoming over heated.. then it can be panting caused from Pain.. my dog was panting and panting, I took him to Vet and found out that he was indeed in Pain.. Because they are Dogs they obviously cannot tell us with words what is wrong with them.. I would say you need to take your dog to a Vet asap !!
  • take your dog to the vet sooner than later. I kept putting it off and my dog died :(
  • Yes, your vet does. It could be heat, it could be illness, it could be an occluded injury. You won't know and your dog likely won't get better until you seek medical attention. Wouldn't you do that if you had a racing pulse and were short of breath?
  • Go to the vet straight away. It could be anything from his heart to poisoning.
  • i got a pink nose pitbull and he is doing that right now so take himto the vet asap
  • a vet would know whats wrong, go take him to one
  • Ever heard of vets?

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