• Dish soap
  • Well when camping and in the army you could wash your dishes with sand, it actually works quite well.
  • Dishes were not always made of the materials we have available to us now. At one time, you could scrub them with sand, or a handful of glass. In the days before dishes as we know them, a slab of wood was used to serve food, and simply thrown in the fireplace after use.
  • Lye soap and HOT water cleans and disinfects damn near everything. In the old days, it was common for people who lived out in the country to make their own lye soap. Lye soap is still pretty good to keep around, sometimes when my washing machine is broken I use lye soap to clean my clothes with a washboard (yes I do actually have and use a washboard). Lye soap works great, and you can even use it for hair washing if you run out of shampoo.

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