• ive never heard that before. i guess a nurse would date a cop for the same reason anyone would
  • ...They both like handcuffs???
  • I used to work at a Hospital and the police came in very frequently with people that they were arresting, but they had to bring them in to the emergency room first. So there was a lot of opportunity for Nurses to meet and talk to cops. If other hospitals are the same, that may answer the question. They meet because of job duties but end up hitting it off and dating.
  • I would assume that the police are familiar figures in hospitals. They have to investigate accidents, tend to injured prisoners, interview victims of assaults, etc. Nurses feel comfortable in the presence of a policeman and they probably share conversation on coffee breaks. Overtime, I'm sure the cop will pop the question about what the nurse is doing in her free time.
  • Probably they are hot!!!!!! I really don't know why I guess it is personal preference. I am more into male nurses don't know why????
  • they have the same confident outspoken charged personalities.
  • Nurses like doughnuts too yo...
  • I wasn't aware that anyone was keeping stats. As a nurse, I can only assume it's because of the work hours. Law enforcement officers spend quite a bit of time at hospitals for a number of reasons. The contact and frequency of these visits my help facilitate the possibilities of a relationship with a member of the medical staff. Still, this was a very interesting question. I'll have to do my research.
  • Nurses and cops see the grim side of life so can empathize with each other. I found if I kept my stethoscope on the dash of my car, and when I ever got pulled over, the cop would see it, say "nurse"? and I never got a ticket. ;) I'd never date a cop tho' too aggressive and adrenaline junkies for the most part.
  • Policemen quite often have to attend hospitals with prisoners with injuries or to get accident statements from witnesses etc.Usually the nurses offer them a hot drink,and they often chat in the rest room.Sometimes they ask the nurse for a date.Its most probably the same with every police force in the world.
  • Probably because they're thrown together in the course of their jobs. I remember working late at night in an Emergency Department in the South Bronx. For once, it was actually fairly quiet, so I had fun flirting with one of the younger cops. We had just gotten to handcuff innuendo when an emergency came in. Darn! (He did tell me, though, that if you are handcuffed, make sure you turn your hands inward so that the palms are facing each other. It's apparently much easier on the shoulders.)
  • Not all of them do! It could be because they come into contact with one another throught the course of their work.
  • what??? we do??? wow!!! I need to find me a cop
  • Their patients get so upset with being constantly nagged and touched innapropriately that the nurses need to date a cop for their own safety.
  • It's all about the costume fetish. That's it. Nothing else. I know these things.
  • Because we can damn it that and we are just trying to get out of all those tickets
  • Well I became a nurse because my dad was a state patrol sergeant & I grew up being really into all the blood and gore he got to see in car accidents, except I really liked the idea of saving lives and helping them. I was also constantly around all these younger state troopers that worked for my dad who were really hot lol. Now that I'm all grown up, I am a nurse and I STILL have the hots for cops lol.
  • My mom has been a nurse for 33 years and has never dated a cop. I do know a hair dresser who dated nothing, but cops.
  • my sister is a nurse and has never dated a cop....
  • Because they work so much and deal with the cops brining in bad people that cops are the only men nurses meet, except for doctors and so that is who they date.
  • They are sensitive to eachother's hours.
  • The both have stressful jobs. They both work shifts, sometimes on a rolling schedule. They both see the bad side of life and people and also the brave, selfless and good side far more than almost all others. People trust them with secrets. The both are charged to be led by the incompetant to do the impossible for the ungrateful.
  • because neither could decide which career they wanted before signing up

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