• I can answer you theologically! According to Christianity, viruses were harmless to humans until rebellion against God set humans against the natural world, against each other and against their Creator. Since then, they have become increasingly lethal. However, in medical terms, they have been round for ages, and the little blighters mutate each year. With so much world travel, new mutations pass from one community to another very quickly. So sorry to hear you have one bad. Plenty of hot drinks, saline nasal spray, panadol and hot lemon juice. And rest. That is the only way through it.
  • Flu viruses grow in birds. Especially in ducks and chickens. All those roast ducks and chickens you see hanging in Chinatowns across the world are breeding grounds for disease.
  • Viruses mutate very, very fast, so that one year's flu virus becomes next year's "new and improved" flu virus. If you got the first one and now have an immunity to it, that immunity won't help against the second one.
  • I read the other day, that many of them have 'always' been around, but every once in awhile they flare up and no one knows why.
  • Though mutating very fast viruses provide healthy people with renewing their immune system generally! I dare say the common cold is a sort of ointment to some extend...... Bless, prof. Mes
  • its because back in the day people use to live with the animals and contracted all these viruses look at a cows nose next time and its all runny
  • Actually there was an article about this just the other day. Here is is: Common Cold Virus Came From Birds About 200 Years Ago, Study Suggests

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