• I'd say the one between Miami and Key West. The island looks so tiny - "What, we're going to land there?!?!" and the plane seats about 12 at most. Interesting in a bad way was a flight between Boston and Buffalo that was buffeted by very, very high winds at landing. I would rather not go through that again.
  • On a flight to Jamaica I sat next to some Baptist missionaries from Tennessee, who had never flew before. When the pilot announced we were passing over Cuba, one guy said "Cuba, are they gonna shoot us down"
  • I can honestly say that besides a little turbulence I have never had any drama on the flights I have been on, and I am very thankful.
  • The most interesting flight was when i flew to germany and we flew over green land and iceland those are two of the most beautiful places...
  • A friend and I took up a 1946 Aircoup with the pedals. (2 place side by side). We had heard you couldn't spin one, so we tried, nope wouldn't spin. Did some nice chandles though.
  • On a flight back east to visit my Dad this lady had a heart attack and we had to make an emergency landing. I was impressed actually. When we got there we taxied in quick style. The door opened, the paramedics came in immediately, took her out of the plane, and we were back in the air 2 mintues later. The whole ordeal, probably took 5 minutes tops.
  • Parasailing was the most interesting.
  • Top two: 1) C130 that the landing gear locked up during landing so we skid in on the belly of the plane. 2) Flight into DC (commercial flight), the pilot came over the intercom and said we lost a wheel at takeoff so we circled the tower a couple of times for check. Good thing most planes have double wheels per axel!
  • I assume train travel can be included in this as it is a long distance form of travel. I work onboard Amtrak trains. One trip while going through Pontiac, IL, at about 5 mph, we had a guy hopped up on drugs and alcohol overhear that the Conductors had radioed in for cops at the station to arrest him for being belligerent to other passengers waaay too much. He ran through the entire train to the back sleeping car. On the upper level, as there is no way to go through the train in the lower level. Anyways, he went into an unoccupied sleeping car room, tore out the emergency window, and jumped off the train. Keep in mind the train is moving at this point - not fast, but still moving XD. He then ran into a pizza place, sat down with a man and his son (neither of which he knew) and ordered a RARE cheeseburger. Yes, some kind of funny :D I can write a book, after working onboard Amtrak trains for so long. I usually post my funny stories to the Live Journal community Customers Suck. It is hilarious because it has sooo many members, it is constantly updated!
  • when i was 6, the way back from hawaii. the plane was basically braking down on us h we almost died. people were panicking and i remembering the 2 old people siting next to me, whispering prayers. it was freaky..but we ended up bing just fine. and we got to stay an extra day in hawaii 5 star hotel no charge !!! :)
  • the skydiving flight, Im scared of flying, and heights..... LMAO
  • Red Eye to Paris last year (May 2007) - the plane landed at CDG on two of three wheels and proceeded to rock to a stop at the end of the runway.
  • My family and I were coming back to Canada from California a few years ago, and just about half an hour before landing, the pilot told us we couldn't land in our city because there was a big thunderstorm going on there, so the plane had to turn east and land in Saskatoon, about 600 miles away. The plane needed to refuel, before we went back, and then everything was still not safe. The skies were pitch black and you could see lightning flashing all around the plane, and the turbulence was frightening. Fortunately we landed safely that night.
  • Ten hour flight with a guy behind me that was breathing over my shoulder as he stared at everything I was sketching. Lol. He didnt even get the hint when I said "Can I help you?" He just stayed there and stared. It was odd. ~+~
  • I've only flown a couple of times in my life, so I guess it was the flight from Hawaii to Washington state when I was a child. I remember looking out the airplane window (my parents got me a window seat) and seeing nothing but cloud tops and open ocean.
  • It was flight from Norfolk to Pittsburgh. The stewardess was cute and sexy and she spent most of the flight sitting next to me and talking with me.
  • we flew over what is supposedly near the north pole. in a matter of minutes, we saw a sunset and sunrise - as we passed over the top. it was amazing, all you could see for miles and miles was huge ice chunks on water.
  • The most anticipated flight was in 1998 when Jim and I flew to Honolulu for my son's graduation from the University of Hawaii at Manoa Valley..he got his Master's there. The flight was heavenly because we were so excited on so many levels! :)
  • Newark, NJ to Denver,CO...went to visit family and was surrounded by a whole catholic girls high school class that went to visit New York City, i was 23 at the time and loved every minute of it
  • We were flying from New Delhi, India to Kathmandu, Nepal at about 30,000 feet. I looked over to the left I thought I saw a bank of clouds at about my eye level. As I kept looking at them I realized that the "clouds" weren't at all wispy or otherwise cloudy looking but were instead solid white and interlaced with areas of sharp shadows. Then I realized that those weren't clouds, they were the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan mountains. :)
  • When I went to Bulgaria the stewards and stewardesses held the lights along the ceiling of the aisle in place during takeoff.
  • Any of the many flights I was on in Vietnam trying to avoid ground fire would qualify as "interesting!" Heh!
  • My trip to Puerto Rico. There wasn't a flight without some kind of problem: Alicante-Madrid: Overbooked and almost got left on the ground. We should've taken this as a warning... Madrid-Miami: 10 hour flight with only one working bathroom. You realy DON'T wanna try it! Miami-San Juan: Flight cancelled within 1 hour of take-off. No overhead announcement. Only noticed because I have the habit of checking the board. Next flight: Overbooked and with a whole planeful of passengers trying to get on, so no seats. Third flight: Sorry ma'am, no seats left. We won't be able to get you on a plane till tuesday (I had to be there Monday morning for a non-refundable course. After a heated (but polite) argument, the flight attendant arranged for us to fly to Tampa, so we could take the next flight in the morning. Tampa-San Juan: "Ladies and Gentelmen, we seem to have misplaced the security video, if anybody has any questions, please call a flight attendant and we will be happy to explain." We finally arrived in San Juan on Monday afternoon, after missing the first morning sessions. San Juan-Miami: Surprise! no problems....until we taxied into Miami Intn'l. After sitting in the plane for about an hour on the runway, four cops boarded and cuffed a passenger. You should've seen the girl sitting next to him jump!!!! :D Miami-Madrid: Two hour delay before departure, we got to Madrid with 10 minutes to transfer planes to take the Madrid-Alicante flight. Thank God they were holding the plane for us. :D Add to all this the fact that we had to reconfirm EVERY STEP of the way, because after missing one flight, all the others are automatically canceled. Even if it was their fault. This was the ONLY trip in my life that I was actually counting the minutes for it to be over...
  • When I was very young, probably one of my first flights, I went to use the little bathroom and it was the first time I had done so. I go to unlock the door and I can't get it open! I immediately start panicking and start screaming and banging the door. After about a minute or so, I finally get out. I was so embarrased to walk back to my seat. I thought the whole plane heard me screaming, but I'm pretty sure no one noticed.
  • I was flying from Frankfurt, Germany to D.C. A guy was consuming alcohol on the plane. He got sick on the pregnant woman next to him and then passed out in the back of the plane (just two rows behind me). They had the doctors on board check him out and he had alcohol poisoning. They said he was lucky to make it.

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