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  • i think the assumption is that if a girl has a tongue ring, she enjoys the deed. i've asked my male friends and they all said the sensation is nice, but it doesn't make up for "bad" oral pleasure. i personally do not have a tongue ring, when guys ask me why i always smile and say, "i don't need one."
  • Here's the thing... If a girl knows how to give good head, it basically makes no difference if she has a tongue ring or not. If she doesn't know how to give good head, it still makes no difference if she has a tongue ring or not. Basically, tongue rings are fashion statements, and nothing more. Many girls get them because they want to project a sexier image to guys, but what they are actually doing, is projecting an "easier" image to most men. Other girls get it because their friends do, and they want to keep up with the Jones'. Either way, a tongue ring does nothing more for males, except excite a young kid or a desperate man.
  • Tongue rings are cool, but she has to have skills. I've had girls who just COULD NOT suck a dick. Having tongue rings wouldn't have helped them.

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