• He is 5' 7" (1.70 m). For height details and other info for all actors, check out
  • He is actually 5'9". This became a big deal when he married Nicole Kidman who is 5'10". The media made a huge deal about him being a whole inch shorter than his wife. is a great site but can be wrong. What makes it great is you have the opportunity to correct wrong answers. It is a great site to check out for all movie and actor trivia because its users take an active role in updating the site. You can check out for further info.
    • Linda Joy
      Tom is 5'7", Nicole 5'11" Try google. If that site is giving out false info I wouldn't trust them at all!
  • Tom Cruise is 5' 6". You can check any reputable and reliable website to verify this!
  • Tom Cruise is 5'4" without his shoes, 5'7" with his boots and lifts. You can find out a lot about celebrity heights at It's also quite funny!
  • Yup, he is 5'4. Same height as the poor girl he's with now.
  • this short
  • Tom Cruise is a weenie. Weenies are of negligible height.
  • he's short cocoky but he does give to good causes.
  • You want reputable and reliable see where geeks don't simply debate a celebrities height but back up their findings with photos. Tom Cruise is nearly 5' 8'', more accurately described as a completely natural height for a man not short at all. Tom is the subject of many character-shredding myths but this has got to be one of the silliest.
  • Tom Cruise is not 5'7, maybe when he's like wearing lifts, he's probably like 5'5-5'6 the most. I think 5'3-5'4 is correct.
  • as tall as a midget can be - 2ft something. 4ft in heels.
  • Somewhere between Froto and an Umpa Lumpa.
  • Tall? I wouldn't even USE the word tall to describe him:-)
  • Tom Cruise in only about 5-4 or 5-5. My daughter worked backstage at one of his movie primieres. She is only 5-4 and said that she was as tall if not slightly taller than him. She told us a story of the enormous spread of unbelievable food(as you can imagine) that was laid out and that Tom threw a fit and someone had to go and get him something different to eat because he didn't want anything there.
  • He's a pip squeak!...5'5". Why does he always choose these great tall lanky women? It's like rubbing salt into a wound. He needs a petite little thing -'twill make him look taller. kidman is a great lanky, unfeminine looking thing. Why does SHE always choose guys who are abour 6" SHORTER than her?...Strange......
  • I think this article says it all: HOLLYWOOD -- From the Secret Files of Casting Directors: We all know how movie magic is made when the right actor is cast in the right role. Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot, Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark, to name a few. But how about Shirley Temple as Dorothy Gale? Would Frank Sinatra and Curtis have had that same chemistry? And could Tom Selleck have cracked the whip as Indiana Jones? All were the filmmakers' original choices for the parts, but when, for one reason or another, they couldn't get them, their casting people came through with flying colours. But we're not here today to pay tribute to the unsung casting director (although credit is certainly due), but to shine a light on another service provided by those in the casting department -- namely hiring actors and actresses as photo doubles and stand-ins for the real deals. Because the job requires a fair amount of precision -- if you cast someone to double for your lead who's shorter or taller or heavier or slighter than that individual, aside from often being noticeable (how often have you spotted a stunt-double that looked nothing like the intended action hero?) it can play havoc sightlines and other technical concerns. So there can be no fudging of statistics when an actor's vitals are provided, and, as a result, some intriguing details can often surface. Examples? While his publicists would have you believe that Tom Cruise is at least 5-foot-9 (although there have been some nasty rumours out there that, without boots, he stands only 5'4"), some additional shooting was recently done on Valkyrie and the producers needed a photo double for Cruise. The requirement? You had to be 5-foot-7 and weigh around 170 pounds. So, now we know. l Spielberg & Stiller are both listed at between 5'7-5'8 and in the following pics the trio look identically height wise. =28 =27 Not tall by any stretch of the imagination but hardly the "midget" some would like you to believe.
  • No matter whats his height is,His talent has gone past all heights like the women in his life.
  • He is 5 foot 4 inches. His lifts make him 5 foot 7 inches. In Hollywood, men always add to their height like women take away the pounds. That's why you will see "offical" sites saying he's anywhere between 5'7 & 5'9. And yes, I've stood next to him and he was only a tad taller then me and I'm 5'3.
  • I don't think Tom Cruise is short. He is on average height as for men. He must be at 5'10", if Katie is 5'9" so he's 5'10". Tom's height is no big deal. Unless there are so many insecure people who can't accept the real height of Mr. Tom Cruise.
  • JUst tall enough to be papa smirf!
  • Just tall enough to get his head up his own arse.
  • Deeley- Why call him a pip squeak? I am 5'6" and no one has ever called me pip squeak. My height was never an issue with getting dates either. I loved going out with taller women if they were drop dead gorgeous. And trust me every other guy in the room seeing me with a hot female did not feel like rubbing salt on a wound unless it was theirs !! I bet you are just jealous and likely wish you were dating a multimillionare actor. But I'm guessing Tom would look at you and turn his head the other way and start laughing. Tall or not I'm certain he can pick and choose which ever woman he wants. (Except maybe Deeley)
  • hez taller than a Goblin!
  • Tom Cruise is between 5'7 and 5'8, but closer to 5'8. The media have made a big thing of him being short which has propogated a myth, and because he always wore lifts to see eye to eye with his 5'11 ex wife people suspect he is wearing lifts all the time,which he isn;t. Rent out Rain Man and compare him with 5'5.5 Dustin Hoffmann. He's at least 2 inches taller than Hoffmann in every scene. Go to Gettyimages type in Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller (listed 5'6/5'7) 5'5/5'6 for Cruise is nonsense.
  • According to IMDB PRO , Tom Cruise is 5'7" Tall. Though in his movies he looks alot taller.
  • Too short for Nicole Kidman thats for sure!!!
  • He never got over four feet, when I seen him on my TV....LOL
  • Well i have just been looking at photos of Tom and he looks to be around 3 inches tall no more no less!! :P
  • He's Not! lol
  • Tom Cruise is 5'11". He was measured by stadiometer prior to filming 'Minority Report,' as part of the insurance clearance process, which requires a medical exam. Standing barefoot, the top of his head reached 5'11 within an hour of his awakening from sleep in the morning. This data is kept on file with the indemnifying corporation and can be requested by a health care provider.
  • 1/2 of Katie Holmes.
  • 5'-7" or 1.70 meters!
  • probably a lot taller than me since im 4ft5
  • He is about 5'7' in height, and 12 in IQ.
    • Linda Joy
      you left the 5 off the end his IQ is 125. Which would put him in the top 10% of the world.
    • lavender
      lol nope, I definitely did not leave off the 5. lol

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