• No. I would want to be able to have regular personal contact.
  • Not as a rule. I am starting to think i am a glutton for punishment.
  • yeah, if the person was special enough
  • I would if i was in love with them. I'm doing it at the moment and it can be very very tough sometimes. But i stick it out because i love them. Although there can be many reasons the long distance would ruin some relationships.
  • Been there...about 90 miles each way every weekend for four years....the marriage lasted 17 over that....she travelled a lot and the long distance thing eventually got really old.
  • all 3 of my serious relationships have been long distance, thats my fucked up luck. one moved away and we continued our relationship for 3 yrs in highschool, and then one had to move for his job and i moved out of state a few months after that, I met my fiance while he was visiting california and were currently in a long distance relationship, ill be moving to NY to be with him again in a couple months. long distance relationships are hell and can be the loniest thing ever, but sometimes you just find people who are worth it.
  • I have already been in one.
  • NO NO NO...NEVER again unless you like torture go for it.
  • No...been there done that. Did a Philly to NY thing for about 5 years, got married. Problem was, she travelled a lot and it was still almost a weekend type relationship. Lasted 17 years, but not again. Now I just date on the weekends. Used to it after all these years.
  • Been there, done that... First one lasted about two years. Second, it's been eight, so far (met through IM, messaged a while, talked by phone a while, she came up to visit a while, then moved up here. A couple of years later, we were engaged, and a couple more years, and we were married in 12/2004. Still going strong! ;-)
  • I have and it was really hard (VA to NH). I would do it again though.
  • No. Too many miles and too many unknowns in between.
  • yes if you really like someone why let distance stop you.
  • I don't want to, but my bf whom I love a lot; just got accepted to a school that's far away. So I guess I don't really have a choice, unless I want to end it... bah I can't think. I'm happy for him, but I'm sad; confused. So answer to the question... I don't know yet... guess I'll have to decide pretty soon.
  • its eally tough and it cant stay long distance the whole time
  • i've done it before and it isn't unless i really liked the person, i think it'd be too hard
  • Yeah I would go for it, long distance relationship works wonderfully well only if you are loyal, dedicated and willing to accept the absence of your loved one beside you. I know more successful long distance relationships than ones where people lived as close together as any. Might as well say that short distance relationships don't work! I came across an opinion poll where you can see mixed responses for this debate -
  • yes, im actually in a long distanse relationship and we've been together for 13 months already...
  • Definitely, if I found someone who truly amazed me.
  • hi ihave also been looking to move and live abroad maybe have a long distance relationship and then move if you know of any ieas for this please throw them my way delia thanks
  • I've done it and it was pretty lonely when he wasn't around. i guess i'd do it again for the right guy, but only if the situation had an end in sight (in other words, only if he or i were going to be moving to the other after no more than 6 mos) i like to be with the one i'm with.
  • I have always thought I would never do a long distance relationship, but the guy i am seeing now works away from home, he gets sent all over canada and the usa, he works for 27 days and is back for 7.... but its hurting so much to be apart for both of us, this last time he threatened to quit his job, but i forced him to go.... its hard but somehow i am managing
  • Half way cross town, maybe!
  • May be!
  • Yeah, I'm in the military and I plan to stay in, I have no choice lol.
  • I think I am on the verge of one. I have not been in one before but we have quite a bit in common, so I know something will work of it. :)

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