• They do reuse names for the annual list. For example, the name Alex was used in 1998 and 2004 They will retire a name after it has been associated with a particularly bad hurricane. It will not be reused for at least 10 years "to facilitate historic references, legal actions, insurance claim activities, etc. and avoid public confusion with another storm of the same name." Atlantic Storms Retired Into Hurricane History Agnes (1972§*): Florida, Northeast U.S. Alicia (1983*): North Texas Allen (1980*): Antilles, Mexico, South Texas Andrew (1992*): Bahamas, South Florida, Louisiana Anita (1977): Mexico Audrey (1957§*): Louisiana, North Texas Betsy (1965§*): Bahamas, Southeast Florida, Southeast Louisiana Beulah (1967*): Antilles, Mexico, South Texas Bob (1991*): North Carolina & Northeast U.S. Camille (1969§*): Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Carla (1961§*): Texas Carmen (1974): Mexico, Central Louisiana Carol (1954§*): Northeast U.S. Cesar (1996): Honduras Celia (1970*): South Texas Cleo (1964*): Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Cuba, Southeast Florida Connie (1955§): North Carolina David (1979): Lesser Antilles, Hispañola, Florida and Eastern U.S. Diana (1990): Mexico Diane (1955§*): Mid-Atlantic U.S. & Northeast U.S. Donna (1960§*): Bahamas, Florida and Eastern U.S. Dora (1964*): Northeast Florida Edna (1968) Elena (1985*): Mississippi, Alabama, Western Florida Eloise (1975*): Antilles, Northwest Florida, Alabama Fifi (1974): Yucatan Peninsula, Louisiana Flora (1963): Haiti, Cuba Floyd (1999): North Carolina, eastern seaboard Fran (1996): North Carolina Frederic (1979*): Alabama and Mississippi Gilbert (1988): Lesser Antilles, Jamaica, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Gloria (1985*): North Carolina, Northeast U.S. Hattie (1961): Belize, Guatemala Hazel (1954§*): Antilles, North and South Carolina Hilda (1964§*): Louisiana Hortense (1996) Hugo (1989*): Antilles, South Carolina Inez (1966): Lesser Antilles, Hispanola, Cuba, Florida Keys, Mexico Ione (1955*): North Carolina Janet (1955): Lesser Antilles, Belize, Mexico Joan (1988): Curacao, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua (Crossed into the Pacific and became Miriam) Klaus (1990): Martinique Lenny (1999): Antilles Luis (1995) Marilyn (1995): Bermuda Mitch (1998): Central America, Nicaragua, Honduras Opal (1995): Florida Panhandle Roxanne (1995): Yucatan Peninsula KEY §Within the list of top 37 deadliest U.S. hurricanes * Within the list of the top 31 costliest U.S. hurricanes (in 1990 dollars) (Measurements only available through 1992 for storms that affected the U.S.) NOTES: "Carol" was used again to denote a hurricane in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean in 1965. However, because the name does not appear after that time, it is assumed that the name was retired retrospectively for the damages caused by the 1954 storm of the same name.
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