• Hard and indestructable do not necessarily go together. Diamond, the hardest subtance known, is also very brittle. A sharp blow can shatter a daimond despite the fact that it is so hard.
  • Right now, diamond is the hardest substance known to man, yet a new discovery is unraveling right now - something called a nanotube. These nanotubes are made out of only carbon (like diamond), but they are arranged differently - a pattern of pentagons and hexagons (just like a soccerball) - and are supposedly wicked strong. An idea that is starting to form in everybody's head is an elevator into space! What they would do is unravel a satellite (thats what a satelite is - coiled strong wire or something) and connect it to Earth. If this were to happen, then this would, of course, be an enormous scientific breakthrough. Also, it is really easy to make, extremely light and compact, and, of course, extremely tough. (They could be used to make 30G memory chips the size of old 15G memory chips or so). However, there is a huge chance that they are poisonous or nuclear or something - the same thing happened a few years ago - scientists started selling this new invention and not realising the dangers they were putting the world into. Who knows what will happen in the future?
  • cotton!
  • diamond
  • Lonsdaleite
  • 20 Years ago I would have said my erection. Man it sucks getting old.

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