• Oh I am NOT a fan of the idea of "Mommy Daddy, I had a bad dream!" every night for five years. My baby is going to cosleep with us just for my own sanity (and lack of space for a bassinette) until the child differentiates between day and night. Then it's to his/her OWN crib and own room. For good. Because I'm sure there WILL be bad dream nights, the kid will be allowed to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room. On a sleeping bag. On the floor.
  • I believe we did the " his/her OWN crib and own room. For good," as Lady Alathia mourns the demise of Lappy states at about 4 or 5 months. She was in a crib, and just this past Saturday, at her age of 2 years, 4 months, she graduated to the 'big girl bed.' She never as of yet slept between mommy and daddy.
  • Babies shouldn't sleep through the night in any other bed but their own. Sets a bad precedence.
  • When he/she begins to speak and says "Daddy why are you making Mommy squeal"?
  • A child should sleep in its own crib/bed from day one. Doing otherwise runs a huge risk of unhealthy emotional attachments, and you will have BIG trouble breaking this attachment when the child is older.
  • That is such a tough question with so many different school's of thought. Eight years ago I would have been firm and said early, maybe 6 months at the latest. But now I have met a normal family and their child who shares/shared their family bed. The child recently made the decision to have his independence and move into his own room, but he still occasionally crawls in to snuggle with his Mom in the morning. He is quite old by todays standards but it works for them, and the child is VERY close to his Mom and Dad and I think that is a good thing. (Family Bed: An expert's opinion David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Except from book: About the child who is reluctant to go to their bed. Parents who care about their children can tell when a child truly needs something,(cuddling, nurturing) and when he or she is only "testing limits."
  • 3 years of age...5 is the oldest :)
  • When they are ready. They will eventually want their independance. It is a good milestone to let them strive for when they are young. It helps thier self confidence. But I believe in co-sleeping and would never buy my child their own bed till they are about 2. After that they choose to eventually sleep their. My son moved to his, on his own, when he was not quite 4.
  • Depends. I put my son in in his crib right after he moved out of the bassinet. I wish I never would have done that. My daughter (which I also nursed) slept in the bed with me until she didn't want to anymore. She is the most secure child I know. My son on the other hand is way more insecure and a thumbsucker. There is nothing wrong with co-sleeping. But you have to pay attention to the babies signals as to when he wants to leave the family bed. Do not keep him there because YOU want him there.
  • At what age should a child sleep in there own bed? What is the latest age? Birth for both answers! A child should NEVER share a bed with Mom or Dad on a regular basis. Cuddling, napping, or getting in Mom or Dad's bed during a thunder storm is ok, normal and should be expected so the child knows he/she is loved and protected. Regular habits of sleeping in Mom or Dad's bed is sheer selfishness on Mom or Dad's part. This is bad parenting in my eyes. Issues WILL develop for the child, not MIGHT, they WILL develop. Behavorial issues, unhealthy emotional attachments, marital problems, respect issues, and more WILL happen....possibly even sexual issues with the child. This is a VERY VERY bad idea. A husband/wife or lover belongs in the bed with Mom or Dad, not the kids. Plain and simple. I am shocked to read that some people think it's 'normal' or 'ok' to sleep in the same bed as the children. People sharing a bed with children on a regular basis have no idea how much harder it will be to break this pattern when the child gets older.
  • 5 and 18

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