• Kids, especially boys, have a fascination with boobs, generally. But by eight, this should have been discouraged to the point where he doen't attempt it. I would talk to your husband and then get him to talk to his son. If your husband's son's mum is around, I'd even inform her and maybe even suggest she talk to him, if you're close enough to her. He cannot think that this is acceptable for too much longer or he has the chance of being a pretty inconciderate teenager and adult.
  • I would suggest that your husband and you sit down with him and have a talk about appropriate touching. If you are uncomfortable there are books on how to talk about this with your kids. Not only is it important for him to understand that he can't touch others inappropriately but that others should not touch him innappropriately.
  • When he does it, just move his hand away. No big deal. He will soon get the idea that he shouldn't be doing it.
  • Just move his hand away. Eventually, he'll get the hint. You could also say "Please do not touch me there."
  • First of all you should slap his hand when he does it, when i was a kid i liked to play with fire, and i finally learned that i shouldnt play with it until i got burned, so hurt him and tell him its wrong and he shouldnt be doing it, and he will learn.
  • Children especially young boys have a fasionation with breasts. Some are uncomfortable with a child of 8 touching their breasts. But why should they be stopped except at times when out in public it sould not be done. In private there is no problem. You must teach him when it is OK and when it is not OK. People get to shook up about something that is prefectly natural and loving it is also healthy. I know there are many of you out there who may disagree with my stance but the human body is beautiful and should never be considered a source of shame.
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      I don't think she's asking about what is shameful, only what is inappropriate.
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      No, not if done at home not in public.
  • He's eight -- plenty old to understand that it's not appropriate. Tell him that it's not appropriate; I don't see why this requires a family meeting.
  • I would be the parent even if he is a step son. Right now he already knows how far to push.
  • Tell him what he's not allowed to do. If it's your husband's kid, you're still expected to be a parent. That was part of the bargain. And parents are there to teach the children.
  • So what is the big deal? The boy is not attempting to touch you sexually he is only curious. It has been proven children raised in homes where nudity is common children are much more comfortable with their bodies. Naked bodies are not looked at as bad or nasty. Children raised in nude homes rapidly learn what goes on inside the home is not done outside. Children should see the parents loving one another hugging, kissing, and even caressing each other in sight of the children. When children see love in the home they respond with love. Children are also curious and learn by watching and listening. If they see and hear this love between a husband and wife they will love more. Should this family live in the freedom of nudity in the home so much the better. I am not proposing anything of a sexual nature. You and your husband need to discuss this and do as you think best for your family and the love in it. Please do some research through AANR as well as to learn the truth of what I am saying. Some of you will totally disagree with me because you are so indoctrinated into the textiled world you can see no other way. What I have said is out of LOVE exactly what the Lord God has commanded us to do.

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