• Why do you want it!! Tall people are lucky. I'm 6'1 too and I love being tall.
  • I would also like to find out if height reduction is possible. I am aa 6ft girl and i have hated being the tallest all my life. Every where you go people are like 'oh your tall', 'god look how tall you are' its really horrible i wouldnt go up to a short person and say 'god look how short you are'. It really starts to get you down after a while! I have never worn high heels and feel as if people are always staring at me. Bit of a winge! But i would love to be smaller, some people are happy being tall and love it, personally it is the bane of my life!
  • OMG! WHY would you WANT to... You are just about the correct height! Hell, I'M 6-9, and would NEVER consider such a thing. I have two sons who are 6-5 or so, and I REALLY don't think EITHER of them would, either (my ex-wife was 6-0, and I NEVER heard her say anything about reducing her height!)
  • It might be possible to get surgery to reduce the length of the bones in your legs. Reconstructive surgery is capable of extending the length by breaking, providing metal supports inserted into the leg, and a framework for bone to grow into the gap, forming a longer leg bone. It seems plausible that the opposite is possible. However, this sort of surgery has a very long recovery time, since it's often months for the bone to heal, more surgery for metal support insertion and removal, re-learning how to walk over a number of months, and then dealing with the fact that you're out of proportion, rather than just a bit tall. Seems like more pain than it's worth. For some, for example people with body dysmorphic disorder, it's what they feel they have to do - the compulsion to 'fix' something that doesn't really need fixing is too strong. I'm not suggesting you're like this: quite the opposite, I mean to highlight the strength of will and compulsion required to make people go through with cosmetic surgery this severe. I'm only 6 feet tall, although I've known a few people who approach 6'5". It seems common to stoop down, to try and minimise their height, but at least one friend of mine, a very skinny chap who's 6'6 or so, now has back trouble because of his poor posture. Being in good health is important, and postural trouble will give you no end of grief, so be careful there, especially if you're wanting to make yourself look shorter.
  • Even if this surgury is available, which I doubt, would you really want to do it? This movie puts a good perspective on all the plastic surgery madness that is going on these days:
  • yes its called height reduction surgery. its done by shortening the length of the bones in the legs. unfortunately it has a long recovery time and tends to be very painful.

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