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  • Oh sweet irony, that I meet you here at last!
  • Maybe they think you're full of yourself.
  • Because it's an arrogant thing to say. Also, it's not a fact - it's an opinion.
  • People sense that you have low self-esteem.
  • Its because your arrogant. What you said is an opinion and not a fact.
  • Self praise is no recommendation and arrogance is a very unpopular personality trait.
  • How do you get your big head through the door? People will snub you because ome people dont like cocky arrogance but thats just my opinion, but id watch my head when i go through doorways dont want to break it now do we?
  • And just where are the facts to prove this? People really don't like to be around those who are full of themselves.
  • I have the SAME problem. I suggest huffing paint fumes so you become dumber, that way you will be funny and good looking, but also really dumb. That's a socially acceptable combination.
  • Oh you crazy instigator, you!
  • Prove it.
  • You're talking about your exterior, now what about your interior.
  • because they think your stuck up..prove to them your not and they should do this to you or whatever
  • Because your bragging and people don't like people who brag about themselves and think that they are all that.
  • Because if you really were super good looking, highly intelligent and really really funny, then people would already know that and wouldn't need you to spell it out for them. Usually when people say things like that, other people probably don't agree that you are those things. And even if you are, nobody like anyone so high on themselves that they'd say it.
  • If you think you are so good looking funny and intelligent why do you need anyone else?
  • Because you sound VERY conceited, and people tend not to like those who are so self-absorbed. Besides... These are YOUR opinions, not anyone else's. Let's see a pic, and I'm sure you'll get honest answers. [EDIT - 05/04/2008 - 12:45PM DST I've reviewed your profile. It appears you are either a kid or adult just having some fun (and NOT being particularly helpful on serious questions), or you are baiting people to give you negative points, thus screwing up their percentages. It also appears that YOU give out negative points whenever you feel like it. (Of course, I can't tell what questions you did that on... so, of course, I can't tell if you're a troll, or someone who simply DRs bad answers.) AB is a community of people (well, the majority are) who are here for serious help by asking questions, to help others by answering questions, ask serious and not-so-serious questions, make people laugh by answering those not-so-serious questions not-so-seriously, and to have fun. Super-sarcasm and the types of questions and answers you've given so far have 1) NOT been helpful to hardly anyone, 2) possibly wrecked what COULD be a good reputation - it appears you have a good head on your shoulders... Why don't you use your powers of observation for GOOD instead of evil? ;-) - , and 3) CAN be exceedingly hurtful to those who are on here to find out how they can better themselves. Did you ever consider that some of your answers MAY be the ones to put someone over the edge? That's my advice for you. Whether you take it or not is up to you. Good luck, in whatever you are trying to accoplish, both here at AB and elsewhere. Peace. Out.
  • If you are expressing this over the Internet, they think you are a conceited braggart or a total liar. Once you tell them that you wank on public transportation, it's "game over".
  • no idea - you sound like such a catch!
  • Have you heard of narcissism because i think thats what you have got lol.
  • You failed to mention another characteristic you may possess, you are concieted yo...
  • just remember there is ALWAYS someone smarter than you, better looking then you, and has a better sense of humour then you..people like you are looked down upon.
  • you're probably not
  • Well, they probably snub you because you sound like a pompous asshole. In general, I would say people prefer friends that are humble over conceited. Maybe you should look into it.
  • Does the word Narcissistic come to mind?
  • Because most people don't like people who are so full of themselves and think they are better than everyone else
  • because you sound conceded, and a"its all about me" im perfect and my shit dont stink... think of it from someone elses point of view or if someone told you all about themselves and bragged about themselves, it would become annoying, boring, and irritating.
  • Sorry Grammy, assuming all that is true you really wouldn't need to tell peple would you?!
  • Saw your other question about being more beautiful than your wife. Why don't you post a photo of yourself so we can all see how super good looking beautiful you really are? BTW, can you spell h.u.m.i.l.i.t.y?
  • I am going to guess that it may have something to do with the fact that you feel the need to tell them. :)
  • Beauty is relative, intelligence is better proven then hollered, and I don't see much of a sense of humour, unless this is a joke. :p
  • Because you left out conceited, smug, egoistical, and prideful.
  • Why would you even wanna tell them this fact if they can already see that your good looking, intelligent and funny???
  • Because right after the first sentence......they stop listening.
  • Because when you tell them that they perceive you as a humanoid form of spam. Unfortunately those who have the displeasure of meeting you don't have a RL way of deleting you so their only option is to escape.

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