• Just under 4 hours, my friend went last year and i think she said it wa about 3 and a half hours give or take a few minutes
  • The only flights I've found are three or four hours.
  • As others have said, about 3 to 4 hours. BUT the reason I answer is to wish you BAD luck! COME ON UNITED lmao Have fun out there, I am jealous, even though I am a hammer I would love to go!
  • forever! i tried flapping my arms as fast as i could, but that didn't really work and i fell to the ground :) good luck trying to get to moscow! :)
  • G'day Mark, Thank you for your question. According to Expedia, it takes about four hours. If Chelsea win, the return trip will seem like it lasted for an hour. If they lose, it will seem like eight. Good luck to both teams. Regards

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