• There really doesn't need to be with good dental hygiene. There is nothing wrong with teeth that a brush and some floss can't take care of. Add some baking soda and some hydrogen peroxide and that's the best way to brush.
  • sorry for double post. i try to edit comment bu i cant so i write it here. Why do even think that fluoride is safe? Well, this question is actually a controversial one. Dentists and researchers do not agree that anyone needs fluoride - child or adult. A better question to ask is, "What might be the consequences of using fluoride?" 1) There has been very little scientific research on fluoride on people 2) The research that has been conducted contradicts the notion that fluoride is good for you (rats) Dr Hodge & Dr Mulinix 3) Some of the same doctors and researchers that advocate using fluoride likewise did the same with cigarettes - I'm not making that up. See Edward Bernays aka the father of public relations 4) Fluoride is the 2nd most toxic substance known, folowed in third place by lead - that should tell you something. 5) If fluoride is necessary, then why don't countries ALL over the world use it? In fact, why do some specifically prohibit it? Only 2% of countries in Europe use it in water, mostly in UK & Ireland. &) Why did the Nazis use it in occupied countries countries on their victims but refuse to use it on their own people? It was done to dumb the people down in a cognitive way, and this is well documented. 7) Why is it that the countries in Europe and other places have similar rates of cavities despite not using fluoride? 8) Why is it that the improvement in dental health is attributed by some to fluoride when the evidence clearly indicates that it is from increased hygiene and dental are over past 50 yrs, not a direct result of using fluoride? 9) Why is it illegal to dump fluoride in the oceans but legal to add it to the drinking water? 10) WHay do many thousands of dentists refuse to use it on the patients? 11)Dr. Albert Schatz, who discovered the antibiotic streptomycin, said in 1982 that "fluoridation is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated." 12) Look at wikipedia on fluorinated water article . Did you ever see such extra effort put into writing an article? That is pure PR; but if you look closely, they label us all communists in scaremongering attempt & ignore the points you read here. Hmm. Sounds familiar? WHo shouts socialist or unamerican or antiamerican when u disagree no? (even if we not American they say it...) And I'm not communist. Even if I was communist, what would that mean? It would mean nothing. It would prove nothing. Maybe you doubt it. You should. Who am I? Read for yourself. There are lectures given by respected doctors and researchers even on youtube search "fluoride deception" Some links below: Fluoride the Aging Factor: How to Recognize and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride (Paperback) by John Yiamouyiannis well researched by biochemist Documentary: Fluoride Deception Part 1 by award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson youtube: Documentary: A different POV (he's got some good info on this fluoride thing, though you may not agree with all of his other ideas) youtube: Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception pt 1 of 7 Book: This is Christopher Bryson's "The Fluoride Deception" free The Book: Fast food nation By Eric Schlosser - not about fluoride, but a lot about how industries work You should question this, the experts and not simply take anyone's word for it. Lastly, this is not a crazy conspiracy theory. It is well documented and freely available information. You simply have to do s little work. Despite the guy who called us nutzos and said we believed in antichrist & 911 conspiracies etc...well, it's not necessary to accuse people of sayung that. Though English is poor, I don't support those thins for lack of evidence. Why insult people for expressing different POV? Freedom of speech? It's fine to agree or disagree.

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