• Yes, it is a poison. It shouldn't be in anybodies' water. It actually makes teeth worse, not better. Here's an interesting website that reports on one community here in New York and what happened to many of the children.
  • I assume this is in reference to fluoride in water, toothpaste etc... In which case the answer is not really. There are many stories about the dangers of fluoride, but at the concentrations found in drinking water or toothpaste the risk is low. One daily newspaper in the UK ran a headline saying that one teaspoon full could kill 100 people or something along those lines. It was actually true because they mistakenly researched fluorine not fluoride!!! The problem is that people talk about fluoride as if it is one thing, but it is always one part of a compound. For example, Hydrogen Fluoride will dissolve glass, cause severe burns and death if ingested, whilst it is a fluoro-polymer that makes Teflon which people cook in when using non-stick frying pans etc. So there is no real answer to 'is fluoride dangerous', there is only an answer to 'are the fluoride containing compounds we consume dangerous?'. I'm perfectly happy to carry on ingesting fluoride so long as it is in low concentrations.
  • You got a wonderful answer from Godfather, nothing should be added to it. Best regards (+5).
  • Yes. Fluoride has two sources: natural & man-made. The most used in present time is the man-made; a byproduct of aluminum. The aluminum giants (MONSANTO)needed to make a profit with the "left over" and convinced the government (back in the 1940's) to inject fluoride in our water sources, toothpaste, numerous medications (PROZAC), mouth wash products, etc. The key word here is aluminum: the suspected cause of brain tumors & alhzeimers. No wonder why there are more cases everyday around the world. We are getting bombarded with LOW doses of aluminum here and there :( Also, fluoride is used for rat poison and nuke bombs; it lowers IQ levels in humans. Hitler used fluoride to control the masses in the concentration camps. Nice! My 2 cents.
  • Yes. Fluoride may not have any noticeable adverse effects in low very doses over short periods of time, but if you look at communities with high concentrations of fluoride in their water supply- either from natural stores of the mineral or from proximity to aluminum production facilities. because guess what? Fluoride is industrial waste! -you see in those communities a much higher rate of tooth decay. Because fluoride, in high doses or through prolonged exposure, is in fact capable of eating away the very enamel it is said to help strengthen. And for those of you who might be thinking that means nothing because, "Well, my tap water has very low levels of fluoridation, so it's actually good for me...", keep in mind that fluoride builds up in the body over time. So while those living in places with lower concentrations may not suffer from anything as bad as this [See image] from their exposure to fluoride, there are a number of other possible negative health effects, dental and otherwise, from all that fluoride building up in your body.
  • The mouthwash I use has .05% Sodium Floride. The label says "Warning: If more than used for rinsing is accidentally swallowed, seek professional assistance, or contact a poison control center immediately." The toothpaste I use has .243% Sodium Floride, and has a similar warning. The warnings are not only for liability purposes, but also because of the possibility of a mildly toxic reaction. The lethal dose of Sodium Floride for a 70 kg (150lb) human is quite large and is estimated at 5 – 10 gm Fluoride toxicity is characterized by a variety of signs and symptoms. Symptom onset usually occurs within minutes of exposure. Severity of symptoms can depend on the amount of fluoride compounds ingested. Symptoms of fluoride poisoning point towards some kind of profound metabolic dysfunction, very similar to the symptoms of hypothyroidism. When poisoned by fluoride, gastrointestinal signs predominate. - Abdominal pain - Diarrhea - Dysphagia - Hypersalivation - Mucosal injury - Nausea - Vomiting Neurologic effects - Headache - Hyperactive reflexes - Muscle weakness - Muscular spasm - Paresthesia - Seizures - Tetanic contractions - Tremor Cardiovascular - Cardiac arrest - Shock - Widening of QRS - Various arrhythmias Method of action Ingested fluoride initially acts locally on the intestinal mucosa. It can form hydrofluoric acid in the stomach, which leads to gastrointestinal irritation or corrosion. After ingestion, the gastrointestinal tract is the earliest and most commonly affected organ system. Treatment In case of accidental swallowing, give milk, calcium carbonate or milk of magnesia to slow absorption. Eye or skin contact should be treated by removing any contaminated clothing and flushing with water.
    • Roaring
  • Fluoride is dangerous and has no place in water or toothpaste. It is not beneficial in any way whatsoever. Period.
  • swallowing fluoride can be very dangerous. It can cause many horrible sicknesses. The best thing to do would be to call poison control
  • Yup...I say if you have flouride in the water, DO NOT DRINK IT...Go buy some bottled water, and for baby water...stay away from the stuff with added flouride. ITS NOT GOOD. I dont see why they invest so much to put a harmful ingredient in water, instead of Vitamin D...or something useful. I see. Hmmm...
  • it can be if you get too much into you, some towns put it straight into there drinking water.
  • ask your local doctor about the fluoride level in your water
  • Osteoporosis and Arthritis: Scientists at EPA in Washington have declared that there is every reason to believe that the increasing numbers of people with carpal-tunnel syndrome and arthritis-like pains are due to the mass fluoridation of drinking water. On July 9, 1998 the Manchester Guardian reported news of fluoride poisoned water in Central India, from untested wells drilled in the 1980s, causing severe arthritic damage to tens of millions of people -- a national disaster. Fluoride is the most bone seeking element known to mankind. The US Public Health Service has stated that fluoride makes the bones more brittle and dental enamel more porous. Cancer: Fluoride was found to be an equivocal carcinogen by the National Cancer Institute Toxicological Program. Further studies by the New Jersey Department of Health have now confirmed a 6.9 fold increase in bone cancer in young males. Earlier studies had found a 5% increase in all types of cancers in fluoridated communities. In 1981, Dean Burk, for many decades Chief Chemist at the US National Cancer Institute, testified at congressional hearings, reporting that at least 40,000 cancer deaths in 1981 were attributable to fluoride. 40,000 cases that could have been prevented simply by NOT putting industry waste into the public water supply. Burk stated that fluoride causes more cancer, and causes it faster, than any other chemical. Brain damage: Fluorides lower the intelligence capacity of humans, with children, again, especially susceptible to early fluoride toxicity. IQ levels were significantly lower than children not exposed to fluorides in all age groups listed. (Li,X.S.,Zhi,J.L.,Gao,R.O.,"Effects of Fluoride Exposure on the Intelligence of Children", Fluoride;28:182-189, 1995) Further studies proving the neurotoxicity of fluoride in rats have also been conducted by Dr. Phyllis Mullinex. In 1995 Mullenix and co-workers showed that rats given fluoride in drinking water at levels that give rise to plasma levels fluoride concentrations in humans, suffer neurotoxic effects that vary according to when the rats were given the fluoiride - as adult animals, as young animals, or thorugh the placenta before birth. Those exposed before birth were born hyperactive and remained so throughout their lives. Those exposed as young animals displayed depressed activity. In 1998 Guan et al. gave similar doses as used by the Mullenix group and found that several key chemicals in the brain - those that form the membrane of brain cells, were substantially depleted in rats given fluoride, as compared to those who did not receive fluoride. Partly based on these findings, the union representing all EPA scientists in Washington have now filed a grievance demanding fluoride-free bottled water for their offices. (Note: this also explains a recent University of South Florida study relating fluoride intake during pregnancy to the yearly 1% increase in learning disabilities found in children...) Studies proving that fluorides transfer through the placenta are well known. (Meanwhile, Dr.Weil, Internets Health Guru, advocates fluoride supplements for pregnant woman in his book "8 Weeks To Optimum Health"...) Alzheimer Disease There are also several studies linking aluminum with fluoride, showing that the bioavailability of aluminum is increased in the presence of fluorides, causing aluminum in the brain to double in treated animals. According to an October 28, 1992 Wall Street Journal Article about a study conducted by Varnier JA, et al.: "Rats fed the highest doses developed irregular mincing steps characteristic of senile animals.... Post mortem examination of the rat brains disclosed 'substantial cell loss in structures associated with dementia -- the neo-cortex and hippo campus'." (Note: Alzheimer's Disease, first diagnosed by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in 1907, is now the #4 killer for every person over 60 in the US. Every 2nd person over 70 will develop Alzheimer's.) Environmental fluoride is implicated in this.
  • Fluoride's a waste byproduct from aluminum manufacture and it's extremely costly to eliminate ecologically so conspiracy to save money comes to mind. Corporations distribute millions to every political candidate to abuse our legal system. Dispersing fluoride in drinking water sounds like a sneaky way for corporations to save money doesn't it? There's no difference in oral health between children that get or do not get fluoride. Gentle Warrior
  • It's not completely cut and dried. Absolutely too much fluoride can be VERY dangerous, and we generally get too much from the fluoridated water, toothpaste, bottled mineral water (some), etc. In small amounts it makes teeth less likely to dissolve in the bacteria's acid and can make for denser tooth enamel. In larger, chronic amounts, it can make for a weak "scaffolding" chemical structure and brown areas on the teeth. We have a nickname for people who have the optimal amount of fluoride while growing up who seem to come from the U.S. Midwest. We call 'em Midwestern teeth. They are like a rock. They don't decay easily, but they do fracture.
  • Only to tooth deacay in medicinal quantities.

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