• Put an ad in CL seeking children to babysit. Had the intention of charging $10/day/child for afterschool care till 6pm, in my home. Multiple children. A woman needs me BUT she lives in the next town so I would need to drive to her home inthe morning to put the kids on the bus and then pick them up from school or busstop and bring them back to my house and watch them till about 7:30pm. This would mean that I can't take on any other kids for after school. I don't want to break her bank but I don't want to cover just gas and snacks for the kids either. What would you charge?
  • We have a child care service here in our town that drives a van around, with the name and phone number of the care center on it. They charge separately for the child care and the pick up service. Perhaps you could find a similar service in your area and contact them about what they charge. Note: to be a successful business person, you have to put your expenses in perspective, before your compassion for the client. The client might tend to take advantage of your good will.
  • This sounds like a nightmare. Are you sure you can make some positive money with this? Can you take more kids under this arrangement to increase you profits?

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