• 1 qt. every 3000 miles isn't what I would call excessive oil use, but it does seem a little high. Double check everything under the hood to make sure you aren't leaking it instead of burning it. If you see no leakage, and the car isn't smoking, I wouldn't be overly concerned. You may consider switching to a heavier weight oil (20w50 for example since your car's factory recommendation is 10w30). This can sometimes help higher mileage engines reduce oil consumption.
  • For one the W in in say 20w 50 doesnt stand for wieght, it stands for winter. Like the cold season. And for two, you could try a thicker oil, also buy a bootle of STP pil treatment. Its as thick as honey and does wonders. If that doesnt do it theres a bottle of stuff called STOP LEAK. Its good stuff.
  • Have you tried synthetic oil?

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